Is Waterproof Makeup Safe? 4 Products Prove YES!

by | Updated: July 12th, 2017 | Read time: 3 minutes

Want to look and feel your very best while dining al fresco, hiking in the heat or lounging poolside this summer? Two words: waterproof makeup.

Sadly, many traditional cosmetics are no match for the scorching temps, humidity and (ugh!) perspiration that typically accompany summer. All of these can cause your carefully applied makeup to melt right off your face. Probably not the look you’re going for!

Woman Wearing Natural Waterproof Makeup in Bathing Suit at Pool |

Waterproof and water-resistant cosmetics, on the other hand, are designed to withstand the elements. Summer showers, sweat, even a dip in the pool or ocean… Not a problem if choose makeup specifically formulated for warmer months.

Are waterproof cosmetics safe to use?

Waterproof makeup is often produced with special ingredients that secure pigments in place. If you select a natural variety that’s free of chemicals (e.g., artificial colors), waterproof makeup is perfectly safe to use. In fact, many waterproof and water-resistant cosmetics contain nourishing vitamins and minerals!

Stocking up for summer

Cosmetics have come a long way in recent years. Most types of makeup are now available in waterproof or water-resistant formulations. We’re talking tinted moisturizers, BB creams, foundations, concealers, blushes, eye shadows, eyeliners, mascaras and even lipsticks.

If tear-, rain-, sweat- and splash-proof cosmetics aren’t already part of your beauty arsenal, now is the perfect time to add them. And if you acquired these items last summer, it’s probably time to replace them. Mascara and liquid or gel eyeliner, for instance, have a shelf life of three months.

Replacing all your traditional makeup for its H2O-proof counterparts may seem a bit daunting (not to mention, pricey). So, start off small with just a few key items. Following are my top four waterproof products to try this summer:

  1. Kiss My Face Sunscreen Face Factor™ SPF 30: While not technically “makeup,” you should always apply an ultra-moisturizing water-resistant sunscreen to your face and neck prior to any cosmetics. And this “effective antioxidant rich, anti-aging sunscreen helps protect delicate skin” during summer and year-round. It’s great for sensitive skin and blends well with makeup!
  2. Pacifica Natural Eye Pencil: Make your eyes pop at the pool with this paraben-free, 100 percent vegan, waterproof eye pencil. The “rich and long-lasting mineral color” glides on smooth and stays in place so you can focus on fun in the sun instead of touching up your eyeliner.
  3. Mineral Fusion Waterproof Mascara: This hypo-allergenic, long-wearing, waterproof mascara “won’t flake, smudge or run.” The hourglass shaped brush “evenly coats lashes from top to bottom for natural looking definition” and the rich mineral color will take you from morning to evening with ease. Apply a second coat for a more dramatic effect!
  4. Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Water Resistant Long Lash Mineral Mascara: Here’s one more super lush, water-resistant mascara to consider this summer (we just can’t help ourselves!). It contains natural minerals, kelp, coconut and vitamin B, and is formulated without mineral oil, carmine or parabens. You’re going to love the deep, rich color and lash lengthening brush! Apply a single coat for a natural look or layer to increase the intensity.

How can I remove waterproof makeup?

Concerned that the mascara you applied this morning will cling to your lashes indefinitely? Not to worry! Removing waterproof makeup may seem a bit tricky, but it’s easily done—with the right products!

Of course, many makeup removers will rid your face of waterproof and water-resistant cosmetics. But there are a few simple ingredients you may already have on hand that will do the trick, too! Alba’s Un-Petroleum Jelly and olive oil are both phenomenal when it comes to removing waterproof or water-resistant eye makeup. Just apply either to your lids and lashes, let it sit for a few minutes and gently rinse the area. And do the same with good, old-fashioned cold cream to remove waterproof makeup (and grease and grime) from your face and neck!