Is Your Makeup Bad for the Environment?

Abigail Blank - The Upside Blog |

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

If you’re still trying to figure out how you can clean up the makeup you’re using on your face every day, I’m going to make it super easy for you. Today, I’m sharing with you my three favorite eco-friendly makeup brands and my favorite products from each line. Because the fewer chemicals we have in our world, the better our world will be.

Natural Cosmetics
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Ecco Bella make up is one of my favorite lines. Never tested on animals and holistic-doctor approved, Ecco Bella offers a full line of cosmetics including blush, eye shadow, eyeliners and even perfume, but my favorite Ecco Bella product is their foundation. Made with organic aloe gel and organic sunflower oil, this foundation goes on light and smooth with a nice smooth texture. It also has SPF 15, helping to protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays.

And no makeup stash is complete without lip gloss and lipstick. I’ve fallen completely in love with Alba TerraGloss Shimmering Natural Color, which is 100% vegetarian and adds a subtle pop of color along with amazing shine. Another winner is Honeybee Gardens lipstick. It’s paraben free and made without mineral oil or FD&C colors. The coconut oil, shea butter and sesame oil help to soften and heal your lips. It goes on smooth and lasts without staining or bleeding (and anyone who loves red lipstick like I do knows what a pain bleeding lipstick can be).

Another fabulous line is Lavera cosmetics. They have a great selection of personal care products from deodorant to facial cleansing masks to moisturizing creams; but their organic mascara is hands down the best I’ve ever used. Available in a variety of types, including volumizing, lengthening and with a double wand (offering both volume and strength)

Be the beautiful Bombshell you are and lose the chemical filled cosmetics for a cleaner, safer life and a better world to come.