How to Jade Roll Like a Pro

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by | Updated: November 15th, 2019 | Read time: 4 minutes

In the ever-evolving world of skin care, one item that continues to skyrocket in popularity is the jade roller. It’s been touted as having a multitude of beauty and health benefits, all of them backed by science. Jade rolling benefits include helping to reduce inflammation, aiding in lymphatic drainage, and even reducing stress; you never would have guessed such a lovely little device could pack such health and wellness punch.

This aesthetically pleasing beauty tool is actually a workhorse of an addition to your skincare routine, especially if you know the best ways to use it! To make sure you’re reaping all the benefits, let’s go over some best practices for using your jade roller.

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How to use a jade face roller

Start with a clean face

This may seem like a given, but you would be surprised at how many people are lax about this habit. Focus on steps which will give you that deep, thorough cleansing that you really need to remove makeup, wash away environmental dirt and debris, and clear your pores. Consider using a cleansing oil followed by a gentle face wash with tepid water and patting dry with a fresh cotton towel.

Choose your moisturizing method

Here is where you are going to set your skin up for your jade rolling routine. Once your face is clean you need to replenish and rehydrate your skin. Some people have a preference for jade rolling with face lotions, others for heavier moisturizing creams, and still others prefer to couple the moisturizing benefits of sheet masks with the calming effects of jade rolling, leaving the sheet mask on while they go through their rolling routine.

Roll the right way

You could just have at it and rub your face with reckless abandon, but that would kind of defeat the purpose of setting aside time to take this extra step in your skincare routine. Better that you know the how and why of what you are doing. Because your goal is to reduce inflammation and help transport fluid out of the tissues in your face, take care to use your roller with intent and purpose.

  1. Using the larger side of your roller, start at your chin and work your way up and out along your jaw line.
  2. Continue this outward rolling motion from your nose, across your cheeks, toward the outer edge of your face.
  3. Turn over your roller and use the smaller jade piece to roll up and out on your forehead toward your hairline. Additionally, roll along each eyebrow starting from between your brows moving outward.
  4. Still using the small end, gently – very gently – roll under each eye starting from the bridge of your nose out toward your temples. Be extremely cautious in this section of your face. The tissue under your eyes is thin and delicate. Your goal is to help fluid drain from the area and reduce puffiness, too firm of pressure and you could do more harm than good.
  5. Lastly, using the large side of your roller again, roll down along the sides of your face nearest the hairline, finishing with smooth broad strokes down your neck to help move any fluid or retained water away from your face and allowing it to drain properly.

Buying a jade roller

Hand-held facial rollers have expanded in the the types of stones that can be used to include rose quartz, amethyst, tiger’s eye, and more, but the tried and true jade is always the safest bet. They are available in variety of price points but the most important part is making sure the jade is real and not a man-made substitute.

One of the key components to jade rolling is the fact that real jade stone remains cool, even when held against the skin, which is essential to the promotion of health and beauty benefits. You can even keep your jade roller in the refrigerator or a beauty product mini-fridge to enhance its ability to reduce puffiness and swelling.

It could take some time to see significant changes in your skin’s appearance, but, as always, good things come to those who wait. In the end, there is no denying that the minutes-long face massage has its own health benefits including reduced inflammation, enhanced lymphatic system support and more thorough and efficient use of moisturizing products to increase your skin’s elasticity and give a smoother more supple appearance. Plus, it just feels good, so you really can’t go wrong!

Ready to roll?

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