Keep Calm and Herb On


by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

It’s really hard to gift-wrap a guitar. The black velvet pants I was totally rocking last year at Christmas were too snug to wear at this year’s Thanksgiving, and I got into several annoying conversations with the food-pushers of my clan about why I wasn’t just passing the potatoes, but passing on them. Oh, and it took me 20 minutes to drive a quarter-mile during rush hour traffic at the mall highway exit. Arghhh—holiday stress! It tears up your stomach, keeps you up at night, makes you wrinkle up from all of that scowling and grimacing…no thank you, ma’am. Being an herbal enthusiast, though, I am very interested in natural solutions.  And in this case, that meant valerian root, an herb my favorite TV doc was just raving about on his show.

Valerian Root for Holiday Stress

Valerian’s history dates back to ancient Greece and Rome, and people primarily think of it as a way to get better ZZZs. But it also supports calmness (if you’re not twisted with anxiety, it sure is easier to fall asleep!).* For me, personally, valerian does not make me drowsy. So if I take it during the day, I won’t wish I were in bed—it just dials back the intensity level a bit, so I can stay calm and actually enjoy the holiday season!

Oh, and I have taken the supplement in capsule form and in tea. Both work, but the tea seems to have a more immediate effect on me and definitely is in my arsenal if I am having trouble falling asleep at night!

What stresses you out over the holidays, and how do you deal with it? Reply below or tweet me @AnitasJourney!

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