Lemons: More Than Just a Sour Fruit

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

When life gives you lemons”¦ of course”¦ you make lemonade! But beyond a traditional treat on hot summer days, lemonade contains vitamins and minerals that promote good health. Lemons are rich in vitamin C (50 mg per 100 grams of juice), contain good amounts of calcium and potassium and traces of several other minerals and fiber.

Recognized for their sour taste, lemons are acidic; yet, they have an alkaline effect on the body. So squeezing that decorative wedge on your glass into your water not only kicks up taste, it may actually comfort your stomach. Lemons are also a known liver tonic, providing compounds needed for the creation of detoxification enzymes.

With a clean, refreshing scent and high antioxidant content, lemon is commonly added to personal care products. Here are some additional uses for this citrus superstar:

“¢ Dilute lemon juice with water and gargle to ease throat discomfort.
“¢ Add 10 drops of lemon essential oil to boiling water, “tent” head with towel and inhale steam to relieve stuffy nose.
“¢ Drink lemon tea for natural cleansing and healthy weight support.
“¢ Apply diluted lemon essential oil (several drops in a carrier oil such as jojoba or almond) to dry scalp. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes; rinse.
“¢ Use diluted lemon essential oil for an invigorating massage.
“¢ Soak cotton ball in lemon juice and apply to blemishes.
“¢ Rub lemon halves on elbows, heels or knees for whitening effects.
“¢ Soak nails in lemon juice to naturally whiten, moisturize and strengthen.
“¢ Use lemon essential oil in diffuser to energize, relieve tension and lift mood.