Make “Back to School” a Breeze with Essential Oils

Aura Cacia

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

As a kid, going back to school not only meant new clothes and school supplies, it also meant getting back to a routine after a summer of no routine at all. This time of year can bring on a lot of tension for kids and parents alike, which is why essential oils can be, well, essential to surviving the transition.

Make homework time happier with help from rosemary essential oil.

Essential oils aren’t necessarily at the top of the school-shopping list for most of us. However, if you want to sail back into the school year with relative ease, consider adding a few to your back-to-school survival kit. Here are some tips on how essential oils can help:

  • Set an earlier bedtime with lavender ““ Don’t wait until last night before school to get everyone to bed on time. Sleep is crucial for academic success, and staying up until all hours is a tough habit to break. At least a week before school, diffuse a relaxing oil like lavender at school-day bedtime to encourage rest. Establishing this pattern for relaxation with lavender can help when it’s time to counter the jitters that often arise the night before the first day.
  • Keep tempers cool with Roman chamomile ““ If shopping for school clothes sometimes leaves you hot under the collar, keep a little Roman chamomile on hand. This calming oil is great for moments of frustration. Take a whiff before you hear “But why?” from your eight-year-old for the 20th time, and you’ll be able answer, “Because I said so” as cool as a cucumber.
  • Refresh the old gym bag or lunch box with sweet orange ““ Sweet orange oil is one of the better choices for deodorizing. If you forgot to air out the gym bag at the end of the last school year, now is the time to give it a refresh. Add 6 drops of sweet orange to ½ ounce of white vinegar and spray the inside of the bag. Let it air dry, and you’re ready to go!
  • Encourage good study habits with rosemary ““ Known as the plant for memory, rosemary is an excellent choice for mental focus. Diffuse rosemary during study time to keep your favorite student alert and focused “” and ready to ace that next exam.

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