Make Your Own Almond Butter

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016

If you haven’t already tried it, almond butter is a delicious spread and makes a great alternative to peanut butter on bread, bagels, apples and so much more. Even better, almond butter is super easy to make in your own kitchen! Follow the simple recipe below to make your very own fresh, delicious and flavorful almond butter.

how to make your own almond butter

You’ll need:

Many recipes give you the option of oven-roasting your almonds before making the butter, but doing so at a high temperature may trigger the release of acrylamide, a chemical that may be hazardous to your health.

Step 1:

Place almonds in a food processor and grind for approximately 12-15 minutes. (Note: some small or inexpensive food processors may not be able to handle this.) You will need to stop several times to scrape the bowl with a spatula to ensure the entire mixture is being blended. It takes awhile for the natural oils of raw almonds to be released, so you can shorten this step by adding another type of oil if you prefer.  You may also add a pinch of sea salt to meet your tastes. Be patient and keep an eye on the consistency of the almond butter ““ when it turns into a creamy and spreadable paste, it’s ready.

Step 2:

Use the spatula to move your almond butter into a plastic or glass container for storage. Refrigerate the butter to keep it fresh. (It can also be frozen in larger batches.)

Step 3:

Mix it in, scoop it up, spread it on – enjoy your almond butter!