Make Your Own Sports Drink, the Natural Way

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016

A person who burns about 2,000 calories should get about 8-12 cups of fluid per day. That may sound like a lot to drink, but it doesn’t all have to come from drinking water. Keep slices of watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, and other such water-packed fruits in the refrigerator.   They’re excellent sources of water, sugar, and electrolytes and the perfect “grab and go” refresher on a hot summer’s day.

Using natural fruit juices adds both natural sugars and vitamins to your sports drink. Adding sea salt  instead of table salt adds an electrolyte source as the minerals of the sea are very similar to the electrolyte composition in our blood. Sea salt contains 84 minerals including sodium, potassium, iodine, magnesium, calcium, zinc and manganese, and it helps to replenish the minerals you lose through perspiration.

Homemade Sports Drink

Makes 2 quarts


1/2 can (3 ounces) frozen, unsweetened orange juice
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 tablespoon lime juice
3/4 teaspoon sea salt
2 quarts water
9 tablespoons organic or raw sugar
1 packet FRS Healthy Energy Powdered Drink Mix Orange or unsweetened powdered fruit drink mix.


Mix together the sugar, salt and powdered drink mix until well combined.

Place 1/3 of the mixture into each of three, small, re-sealable bags. To reconstitute, add the contents of 1 bag to a 20-ounce sports bottle. Fill the bottle halfway with water, close and shake to mix.   Fill the rest of the bottle with water and shake to mix again.

Alternately, add half of the powdered drink to a 20-ounce bottle of water. Replace cap and shake to mix. Add the rest of the powdered drink, replace cap, and shake to mix.

Vitacost has a number of water bottles for adults and children like the Camelbak the Performance Bottle. Next time you venture out into the heat, don’t forget to pack a bottle full of this Homemade Sports Drink or take along a package of the Easy Powdered Sports Drink to add to your bottle of water!

The Kitchen Diva is Angela Shelf Medearis, a regular guest chef on “The Dr. Oz Show” and “The Today Show.” She is the author of many cookbooks, including, “The Kitchen Diva’s Diabetic Cookbook.”