We’re Manic for Mason Jar Meals & Desserts!

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by | Updated: July 14th, 2017

No need to resort to fast food while you’re out and about this summer! Whether you’re traveling with your wolf pack or just running around, getting things done, enhance your experience by keeping any of these delicious Mason jar meals or desserts in tow.

The best thing about using a Mason jar to store savory meals and sweet treats is that glass, unlike many plastic storage containers, are BPA-free (just make sure the lids are BPA-free as well). And depending on how large your glasses are, you can pack a full-on meal or dessert in a 32-oz. jar for you and the kiddos to share.

Healthy Salads in Mason Jars to Take on the Go | Vitacost.com/Blog

The following jar-worthy recipes are also sure to inspire you to produce less waste (no paper plates or bowls needed here!) and look at on-the-go eating in a whole new way! Plan a day to pack snack mixes, food prep and bake (yes, bake) in these versatile jars using the following five allergy-friendly recipes below.

1. Berry muffin jars

Life’s what you bake it! Whip up some gluten-free berry muffins in a set of Mason jars. The glass is oven-ready, so you can make perfectly portioned treats in minutes. The ancient-grain-based muffin mix in this recipe is packed with probiotics and 5 grams of plant-based protein per serving so you can benefit from this tasty treat.

Whether you prefer chocolate, fruit or some added crunch from nut-free trail mix, you’ve got breakfast or brunch covered in a jar (literally).

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2. Sandy beach cups

This classic dirt cup recipe is often served in non-recyclable plastic or waxed-paper cups, which are meant to be eaten right then and there. Instead, pack this dairy- and gluten-free version into a Mason jar to indulge in later in the day.

To add some summer flair, swap chocolate cookies for Enjoy Life Crunchy Vanilla Honey Graham cookies for a beach-y vibe. Top with Beach Bash Seed & Fruit Mix for a tropical take on this delicious dessert.

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3. Triple tomato panzanella

While this recipe can be easily serve on a plate, it looks way better in a jar—plus, it makes for a great, inexpensive gourmet meal away from home. In a jar, simply layer fresh summer veggies with Enjoy Life Plentils Lentil Chips (the better-for-you crouton!) for a salad that’s sure to satisfy.

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4. S’mores pudding cups

Who says you need a fire to make s’mores? Enjoy the classic taste of summer with this dairy- and soy-free pudding layered with decadent vegan chocolate and Enjoy Life Minis Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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5. Brownie in a jar

Nothing says perfection like a warm, chocolaty dessert—even when it’s hot out! And with this recipe, you can eat your brownie with the added benefits of ancient grains, vegan protein and probiotics from Enjoy Life Brownie Mix. Bake it up in a mason jar and wait for the magic to happen.