4 Mindful Travel Tips to Enhance Your Next Vacation Adventure

Blanche Baxter | Vitacost.com/Blog

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Life is often go, go, go. We zip around with big to-do lists to complete. When we finally get to relax and travel, we tend to take that mentality on the road. Then we wonder why we’re not having the incredible experience we thought we would.

Couple Sitting on Beach Near Scooter Practicing Mindfulness on Vacation | Vitacost.com/Blog

There is an alternative. Just say “no” to the go, go, go, and say “yes” to a mindful travel experience that allows you to slow down and enjoy your adventure completely.

1. Breathe deep and engage your senses

Mindfulness is taking time to pause and consciously engage with each moment. Slow your pace, slow your breathing and take the time to look around you. It’ll help you to savor each element and see it in a new way. Everything feels richer, brighter and much more invigorating when you are living in the moment.

Pay attention to what you see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Focusing on each of your senses lets you hone in on your experience and will give you more complex sensations than you could have ever imagined.

2. Eat healthfully and take care of your gut

When you travel, it’s easy for your system to get out of whack. Eating strange foods and sleeping odd hours can lower your immune system and leave you susceptible to getting sick.

But a little preparation can go a long way toward keeping you healthy while traveling.

A shelf-stable probiotic is a must for the mindful traveler because nothing stops fun in its tracks like stomach discomfort. Buy it in advance, along with a good immune boosting supplement, and take it with you on your trip. A little preventative care goes a long way. Your immune system and your tummy will thank you.

Stock up on travel-worthy snacks as well. Foods like nuts, seeds, trail mix, dried fruits and dehydrated foods make great healthy travel munchies for you to bring with you on your adventure.

Do some online research on your travel destination and look up the local cuisine, local fruits and vegetables and what the water situation is. This way you’ll have some ideas about food and water safety as well as the types of foods you’ll have available. A little planning will help you find the healthiest choices while you’re there.

3. Watch your footprint

Planning isn’t just about the foods you’ll eat. Part of the fun of going on a trip is the prep phase. Looking up all the exotic landmarks and activities gets you mentally pumped for the journey ahead. So revel in the searches and find places and opportunities that really resonate with you. Be on the lookout for those “spark” moments that send bubbles of anticipation through your body.

Travel of today can take on a whole new meaning. It’s always about fun, but it can also be meaningful in other ways. Conscious traveling is the awareness that your tourism has negative or positive impacts on the destinations you visit. Your actions make a difference. From simple things like not leaving trash behind and being gentle with the natural habitats you visit to learning about local culture. Appreciate all the differences you see and embrace new ways of living life.

In many of the places you’ll visit, tourism’s a main income generator for its people. Choose to stay in independent hotels instead of chains, eat in local run restaurants, shop in smaller artisan stores and pick local run tours and excursions.

4. Be open to the unexpected

You can be more liberated when you do have some kind of structure. After your basics are taken care of, be open to whatever comes. Living in the moment is about learning to listen to that inner voice that is speaking to you right now. The more you embrace the joy of your experience, the more likely you’ll be to have synchronicities and exciting opportunities pop up for you. Don’t have everything so planned out that you feel you have to keep to a schedule.

The best moments in life just happen. So keep your eyes open and be ready to jump when you hear the call.