Mix It Up: New Ways to Use Protein Powder

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

The same old post-workout protein shake gets b-o-r-i-n-g! But before you begin resenting your blender or giving up on recovery fuel altogether, mix things up — in a different, yet very delicious, way. We warn you, though. You’re going to need a utensil to enjoy these new and improved protein powder recipes.

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Amy and I can’t deny that we love a good protein smoothie in the morning. So when we found a creative use for our protein powder in another post-workout snack, it felt like an epiphany. What we discovered was pretty much anything that starts out as a mix can be made with protein powder. You’re probably thinking muffins and homemade bread. While these are great options, we have two quicker and even easier recovery food ideas for you.

Post-Workout Applesauce


1. In a small bowl, mix applesauce and protein powder thoroughly.
2. Sprinkle cinnamon on top.
3. For additional carbs and nutrients, slice half of a banana and add to the bowl.

Nutritional information: 195 calories, 32 g carbs, 0 g fat, 18 g protein

Protein Pancakes

Serves 5


1. In a large bowl, prepare pancake mix as directed, adding eggs, water and oil to create your batter.
2.  Add protein powder and stir until completely mixed into batter. You may need to add more water if batter becomes too thick.
3. Fold in chocolate chips or berries carefully.
4.  Pour batter onto a hot and greased griddle or pan. When pancakes begin to bubble, flip over and cook through.
5. Top with more chocolate chips or berries and dig in!

Nutritional information per serving:  294 calories, 23 g carbs, 16 g fat, 15 g protein

There are many different protein powder varieties now, so we suggest experimenting to see what works for you. We’ve tried Nutribiotic Rice Protein, which has a grainier texture to it — we liked it. The Vitacost Pea Protein  is really thickening, so it makes for good pancakes. And when we want a good omega boost, we use Vitacost Organic Hemp Protein. Depending on the type of protein powder you choose, you may have to tweak the recipe a bit. From our experimenting, we’ve realized that whey protein seems to mix the best and has the smoothest consistency. But don’t take our word for it — try it for yourself!