More Than Trends? 3 Reasons Why We Go Gluten Free & Vegetarian

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by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

Now let’s be honest… there is a good chance that you or someone you know has tried a popular food trend in an effort to improve your lifestyle. From oat bran to low-carb to Paleo, it’s common for food trends to come and go. But we’ve noticed two in particular are being adopted as long-term lifestyles. It’s really no secret that gluten free and vegetarian seem to be more than just trends… they’re here to stay. And with so many good reasons to try these eating styles, it’s no wonder so many people have caught on!

Nutrition Trends or Long-Term Lifestyle?

Why consider Gluten Free or Vegetarian?

Reason One: EASY! Vegetarian or gluten-free choices are pretty simple, which may be why people can maintain them over time. Basically, if you’re vegetarian, you don’t eat meat. Some vegetarians also avoid eggs or dairy. Gluten-free eating means avoiding products that contain the protein gluten, found mainly in wheat, barley and rye. What makes things even easier is that the popularity of going vegetarian or gluten free means an explosion of options. There are so many delicious choices out there! Some people find it easy to be “flexitarians,” going vegetarian or gluten free on some days of the week, but eating more broadly on other days.

Reason Two: Health. It’s a plain fact that animal-based foods are a source of cholesterol and saturated fat, so focusing on a vegetarian diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and whole grains tends to be healthier for your body. As for gluten, while only a small percentage of Americans must avoid it for medical reasons, people report simply feeling cleaner and better when they consume less gluten. Perhaps that’s because many foods containing gluten are processed, so gluten-free eating turns us to fresh, whole-food alternatives.

Reason Three: Ethics. Vegetarians especially may choose to not eat meat because of personal beliefs. Some don’t want to contribute to the slaughter of livestock. Others are concerned about greenhouse gas emissions from livestock and the implications for climate change. And some vegetarians feel that grain should go to feed starving humans in the world instead of being fed to cows.

Look beyond your food!

When one chooses to go gluten free or vegetarian, it becomes second nature to shop for clearly labeled foods that meet your needs. But don’t forget to look beyond just food items when you’re making this shift. What about your dietary supplements? At New Chapter®, we appreciate your commitment, so many New Chapter vitamins and supplements are vegetarian and all are gluten free.* In fact, we’re expanding our vegetarian selection—one exciting innovation is our new vegetarian capsule for Turmeric Force™, allowing this product to join our 100% vegetarian formulations. (Cool side note: the transparent liquid capsule shows off the brilliant saffron color of turmeric.)

At New Chapter, we wish you happy, healthy eating no matter what your dietary preferences. We know how important it is to nourish your body well, which is why we consider our products more than food supplements… they’re supplemental food™!

*New Chapter products are naturally gluten free or processed to meet the Food & Drug Administration requirements for gluten-free foods.