Natural Hair Products for You & Your Pets

by | Updated: December 4th, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Like it or not, a good hair day requires some grooming. You don’t need two hours in the salon chair or 20 minutes of nonstop licking, as demonstrated by your feline friend. You do, however, need all-natural, cruelty-free formulas. The earth offers everything you need to nourish hair and make it shine, so why not take advantage of its bounty? Here’s one must-have cleanser that will help Fluffy stay – well – fluffy, plus four scent-sational solutions for your own locks of love.

For the four-legged fur balls:

My two cats get a full-on, spa-like bath once every three months or so. After reading up on the reviews, I decided on Theraneem Organix Pet Shampoo. It’s not made with any animal products (that would be weird and awful), it’s paraben free, sulfate free and gluten free. Even pets with sensitive skin will be able to handle this thoughtful formula.

For your tamer mane:

To help my hair grow and look lustrous, I got in the habit of regularly running a couple drops of apple cider vinegar through my hair. Unfortunately, my locks were getting lackluster. So I’m switching things up with Avalon Organics Clarifying Shampoo. The lemon and chamomile in this cleanser will help brighten and restore shine, while getting rid of any built-up oils.

In addition to a clarifying shampoo, my hair was in desperate need of a deep conditioning mask. I usually use coconut oil for this, but I’ve been slacking off recently. When I found Alba Botanic Hawaiian Deep Conditioning Minute Mask, I had to order it right away! My hair needs the love from this rich coconut butter-based treatment. I’m looking forward to restoring my hair to its natural strength and softness.

Finally, I was running out of all shampoo and conditioner options (yes, I keep a variety on hand), so time to stock up! It was hard to decide, but I finally settled on moisturizing solutions. Without even opening the bottles, I can smell the rich, tropical aroma of Desert Essence Coconut Shampoo and Coconut Conditioner. The fragrance is bold in the most amazing way possible – can’t wait to try these!

What are your favorite natural hair solutions – for you or your pets?