Natural Ways to Calm a Crying Baby

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

There’s nothing more frustrating than being unable to console a crying baby. You can cuddle, walk, rock, sing or drive around in circles, but sometimes little ones keep wailing despite your best efforts.

Societies and cultures throughout the ages have used different techniques to calm cranky babies. The practice of “baby wearing,” or keeping infants close to Mom using a sling or wrap-style carrier, is especially popular around the world, as is on-demand breastfeeding and infant massage.

Some parents also incorporate herbs into their soothing efforts. Lavendar, chamomile and lemon balm are gentle, natural and well known for supporting relaxation. Here are a few ways you can try using them with your baby:

“¢ Massage. After creating a calm environment (dim the lights, turn on some soft music), gently rub baby’s skin, applying very light pressure with your fingertips as you work in a circular motion. Use a light massage oil* such as Aura Cacia’s Organic Calming Baby Oil with marjoram, lavender and chamomile oils for an extra-soothing touch.

“¢ Baths. Herb-infused shampoos and body washes may also help take the edge off baby’s bad mood.   Try giving him or her a nice, warm bath and use Nature’s Baby Organics Shampoo & Body Wash, which contains essential oils of vanilla, lavender and chamomile.

“¢ Room Diffuser. Scent can have powerful effects on mood and well-being. Filling your home with a pleasant, peaceful aroma can help baby unwind. Simply add five to 15 drops of essential oil to the Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Room Diffuser and plug into any   outlet, or dab a few drops of essential oil to an ordinary light bulb to spread the scent.
*Note: If using essential oils rather than a pre-made baby massage product, do not apply directly to baby’s skin. Instead, mix with a carrier oil, such as almond or jojoba oil, according to instructions on bottle. Always consult with your pediatrician before using herbal products with your baby.