No More Moody Mondays

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

It’s no secret that women’s hormones fluctuate as we enter different phases of our lives. But we also deal with the daily ups and downs, triggered by anything from lack of sleep to lack of chocolate. Regardless of what prompts a day of wrong turns and bad decisions, you can make these moments magical…seriously.

No More Moody Mondays
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As a mom of two boys, you can imagine the chaos I endure every day — it’s an emotional battlefield.

So, what’s my secret to staying sane?  Exercise!  

An herbal supplement may help balance hormones, but a little exercise can give you an instant mood boost.  Exercise not only helps you become physically stronger but can help you become more mentally and emotionally fit, as well. This is all in thanks to the influx of hormones and neurotransmitters as your body is in motion. The increase in blood flow can initiate a flight-or-fight response caused by a rush of adrenaline, which is what pushes you to work so hard. Post-exercise, is when you experience an emotional “high,” brought on by feel-good endorphins.

In addition to these physiological reactions, working out can alter your attitude. There is a clear difference in a woman’s confidence levels after pumping some iron or beating her fastest 5K time. Following a workout, I often joke that I feel like “super mom” with an invisible cape flowing from my back. All weakness — emotional and physical — has magically left my body.

Not yet convinced of the magic?  

Many people believe working out will only make them more tired, leading to regret which leads to even more sluggishness and a vicious cycle of bad moods. However, the truth is that any blood-pumping activity can give you energy. To prove the power of exercise, I propose a challenge:  The next time you hit the snooze button one too many times, trick yourself by committing to only 10 minutes of walking. Once you get dressed and get started, momentum kicks in and I bet you won’t be able to stop — you may even pick up the pace. You’ll probably find yourself going for another 10, and another and maybe another. Without a second thought, you’ll complete a 30-minute sweat session with energy to spare.

Exercise arms you with the willpower and energy to overcome whatever the day throws at you. Think of it as a magic trick every mom needs up her sleeve. So, on your next “moody Monday”, you’ll know just what to do to lift your spirits.