Pinterest perfection: How do you measure up?

by | Updated: December 4th, 2016 | Read time: 1 minute

I love Pinterest. I really do. Where else can you find a recipe for crispy breaded zucchini slices nestled next to a super-cute cardigan?

I’ve gotten plenty of great ideas for food, furniture, crafts and clothes from fellow pinners. But just recently, I’ve started feeling a bit… overwhelmed.

The irresistibly pretty and seemingly perfect pins keep coming and coming. And there’s no way I can find time to crochet that alligator-shaped hat for my niece, recycle all my old spoons into a trendy-looking lamp, make a six-tiered strawberry cheesecake and do that six-step flab-blasting workout.


I feel like this eCard sums things up pretty nicely:

Katie is a proud “VitaAunt” to 18-month-old Emma and animal-mother to five furry friends. To fuel her repinning frenzy, she usually snacks on pistachios and spoonfuls of peanut butter.