Refresh Your Skincare Routine for Spring

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by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

The worst of winter is over (knock on wood!),  which means you can finally ditch the wooly coat and push those black, burgundy and dark gray duds to the back of your closet. But your wardrobe isn’t all that needs refreshing with the upcoming change of seasons. It’s time to switch up your skincare routine now that spring is here!

Shop for natural and organic skincare supplies at Vitacost.
Shop for natural and organic skincare supplies at Vitacost.

Months of dealing with cold, dry air and bundling under layers of thick, heavy clothing can leave your skin in bad shape. Follow these easy steps to bring it back to life and to get gorgeous for those much-welcomed, warmer-weather adventures ahead:

Shed a layer. Rough patches on skin result from the buildup and hardening of dead cells on the surface. Not pretty. During winter, you may have gotten away with ignoring and concealing them under turtlenecks and long pants. But with the return of spring””and short sleeves, skirts and dresses””you’ll want to smooth and soften areas that will be exposed again. Exfoliate at least twice a week with a gentle, natural scrub such as Alba Organics ® Hawaiian Sugar Cane Body Polish to renew your skin’s radiance and keep it looking fresh all season long.

Lighten up. While slathering on heavy-duty moisturizer was a must during dry winter months, your skin has different needs now. Warmer temperatures and more humidity in the air mean more sweat and increased production of your skin’s natural oils. A lightweight, oil-free facial moisturizer, such as Avalon Organics ® Vitamin C Renewal cream, will help hydrate without clogging pores or promoting breakouts. For areas below the neck I recommend Alba Botanica Very Emollient Body Lotion. It’s 100% natural, fortified with nourishing herbal extracts and absorbs instantly so your skin doesn’t feel greasy or sticky.

Serve and protect. No more scarf. No more hat. Along with power to bare all comes great responsibility. Your vulnerable, newly exposed-again skin needs extra protection when you’re out frolicking in the spring sunshine. Choose a potent sunscreen such as Kiss My Face Sun Protection Face Factor (with an SPF of 50, plus anti-aging ingredients) for your face, and keep other uncovered areas protected with an smooth-spreading, high-SPF option like Ocean Potion Anti-Aging Quick-Dry Sunscreen (which is also fortified with vitamin D!).

Put your best foot forward. If there’s anything to miss about winter, it’s wearing cute boots. After saying  those final, tearful goodbyes, treat your tootsies to a little TLC with a DIY pedicure. Relax with a an Aura Cacia Tranquil Chamomile Aromatherapy Mineral Bath soak, scrub away rough spots with an Earth Therapuetics Pedicure Pumice Stone and restore softness with Desert Essence Organic Pistachio Foot Repair Cream. You’ll be ready for those strappy sandals in no time!