Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Makeup Sponges

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Not sure what to do with your old makeup sponges? Before you toss them into the trash—and ultimately a landfill—check out these smart suggestions for breathing new life into the tired beauty tools!

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Your makeup sponges have served their purpose (it’s a good idea to replace them every three to six months for sanitary reasons). Now what? Resist the temptation to throw the bacteria-laden beauty tools away and repurpose them instead. You may be surprised at how incredibly versatile they are, plus Mother Earth (and all your environmentally conscious friends) will thank you!

So many potential uses!

Ways to Repurpose Disposable Makeup Sponges

Ready to reduce waste (and help protect the planet) by reusing your old cosmetic sponges? First, soak them in alcohol to remove bacteria and any lingering foundation or concealer. Then allow them to air dry. Once they are clean and free of moisture, you can use them to:

Apply or remove nail polish.

Did you know that you can use cosmetic sponges to create ombre nail art and/or remove your old nail polish? You can also cut them up and use them to separate your toes during a pedicure!

Apply paint.

It should come as no surprise that makeup sponges can double as paint brushes. To get an eye-catching, dappled effect, use them to dab paint on a canvas, furniture or even the walls. You can also use them to fingerpaint with the kiddos!

Apply sunscreen.

Don’t want to get your hands all greasy (and who could blame you!)? Use old makeup brushes to slather on the sunscreen instead. You can also use them to apply sunless tanning lotion for a safe and healthy glow!

Clean electronic screens.

Ready to rid your devices of unsightly smudges? Simply spray some lens or screen cleaner onto your camera lens or cell phone, computer or TV screen and gently wipe it away with a repurposed cosmetic sponge.

Clean and condition leather goods.

Don’t neglect your go-to belts, shirts and purses! Just dab some leather cleaner onto a makeup sponge and carefully clean your favorite leather pieces. You can also use the sponge to apply leather conditioner and buff out any scuffs and scratches.

Clean your home.

Your abode is filled with tight, tough-to-reach spaces that can trap dust and dirt. Put some all-purpose cleaning spray on your old cosmetic sponge and use it to rid all those challenging crannies of grease and grime!

Curl your hair.

Take your lustrous locks to the next level with repurposed beauty sponges! Simply cut each sponge in half, roll a section of straight hair around it, secure it in place at your hairline with a bobby pin and sleep on it. Then enjoy bouncy, beachy beautiful waves in the morning!

Cushion your shoes.

Want to stop painful blisters from forming? Simply cut a small section of an old makeup sponge and place is between your heel and your shoe to help prevent friction and resulting blisters.

Detail your vehicle.

Used makeup brushes are typically soft and nonabrasive, which makes them the perfect tool for detailing your car or truck. Just add water—or your tried-and-true cleaning solution—and slide them into cracks and crevices with ease!

Remove embarrassing stains.

Deodorant stains have finally met their match! Just wet your cosmetic sponge and gently blot your shirt until the blemish disappears. It’s that easy!

Remove unwanted body hair.

Tired of shaving or waxing? Not a problem! Just add some depilatory cream to your retired makeup sponge and run it along your legs for hassle-free hair removal.

Store pins and needles.

Last, but certainly not least, you can use your old cosmetic sponges as pin cushions for sewing needles and pins, or to store thumbtacks for your corkboard or walls.

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