Resolutions: How to Pick Back Up

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

It’s time for a New Year’s resolution check-up! Last month we assured you that taking baby steps is all you need to do to achieve great gains. But if you have been overwhelmed by the “extra” tasks that come with a new year, you may have started to let those resolutions fall by the wayside. Let us help you pick back up — one step at a time.

Before you veer from your healthy diet, click here to find a fun, new recipe.

Did you resolve to eating healthier? If you’re on track and doing great, keep going! If your diet took a wrong turn in the last month, now’s the time to make a “U-y” before you get too far off course. Remember, whatever changes you make need to be sustainable. Maybe you started missing one of your old “staple” foods — who can live without pasta, right? Cutting down on carbs or gluten can be tough, but variety can make these dietary changes easier to cope with and easier to stick with.  As we said last month, your taste buds will delight in a little adventure, so get creative in the kitchen! One of our favorite pasta alternatives is spaghetti made with kelp noodles and tomato sauce (don’t knock ’til you’ve tried it).

Did you resolve to exercising regularly? Giving up on exercise in just a few weeks is usually a sign of boredom. Before you stop exercising altogether, let us remind you that you can join a gym and get involved in their group classes. Spin class, Latin dancing, kick boxing and even yoga are all great forms of exercise. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of an instructor for guidance and about 20 other people for motivation. (Fitness tip: find someone older than you in the class and tell yourself “if they can do it, I can do it!”) If fitting in a workout is causing you extra stress, consider an at-home routine. A  yoga DVD  can  take care of the stress and ensure you get in a quick workout at the same time. Can’t beat a double-whammy!

Did you resolve to saving money?  Saving money is all about simplifying your life, which is easy in today’s automated world. If you haven’t already, set your paycheck to automatic deposit, your bills on auto-pay and your healthy favorites on Vitacost’s  Set & Save program. With Set & Save, you not only get your favorite healthy products delivered right to your door without even thinking about it, you get an extra 10% off Bonus Brands, including  some all-time favorites like KIND bars, Bob’s Red Mill and GU.