Should You Choose a Non-GMO Vitamin?

by | Updated: December 2nd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

If you’re taking a multivitamin to fill nutritional gaps in your diet, you’re on the right track. Multis can act as back-ups for even the healthiest eaters. But not all multivitamins are created equal. Some are very inexpensive, but contain fillers and stearates. Others have ingredients that have been approved by a third-party organization for purity and quality. And a select few go a step further—they are made from non-GMO organic whole foods.

MegaFood Non-GMO Supplements

Should it matter whether your vitamin is non-GMO organic? If you try to avoid genetically modified ingredients when you eat—either based on principle or because of the health benefits of eating organic foods—you probably want to steer clear of GMOs in anything you’re consuming systemically. Whether you’re eating with a knife and a fork or swallowing a convenient tablet, it’s all going to the same place! (Learn more about non-GMO—click here!)

So once you’ve committed to choosing a non-GMO multivitamin, the question is—how can you tell which ones do not contain genetically modified ingredients? Fortunately, you can learn a lot about a multivitamin by checking out the label and packaging. Products that are free of GMOs, like MegaFood’s supplements, display a “Non-GMO Project Verified” butterfly seal.  This independent non-profit organization only grants use of its seal to companies that they have independently evaluated for adherence to GMO avoidance best practices, including third-party testing of its products.

MegaFood has a strong non-GMO commitment; to meet the Non-GMO Project’s strict standards, MegaFood’s has been requiring its farm partners and suppliers since 2009 to disclose non-GMO documentation for the organic fruits, vegetables and herbs that make up their ingredients—as well as the soil this produce is grown in. Products that contain multiple ingredients will have as many as 200 documents submitted with their application to the Non-GMO Project!

This may sound excessively complicated…but if you are going to be consuming the same product every day, knowing that every ingredient has been thoroughly vetted is the kind of peace of mind that’s hard to come by!

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