Six Weird Ways to Warm Up

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016

Trying to stay cozy in the chilly weather? This winter, try these six unconventional ways to warm up!


1. Sleep with your socks on. Socks may just be the antidote to cold weather. But there’s no reason to shed them when it’s time for bed! When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing better than snuggling up for a warm night of sleep. Studies have actually shown that warm feet could equate to better sleep, as body temperature regulation plays a role in sleep cycles.

2. Bake up a storm. Heat up your whole house and enjoy the pleasure of a home-baked meal by using your oven. If you’re concerned about conserving energy, try to bake several things at once.

3. Spend time with friends. Keeping good company can help keep you warm and cozy. There may be some truth behind “warm fuzzy feelings” ““ one study found that reminiscing about good times with friends actually made people feel warmer, while another study found that simply standing near a friend had a similar effect.

4. Spice up your meals. Add a dash of cinnamon, ginger or cloves to your food or drink for a boost of warm flavor. You may want to stay away from jalapeños, however. Extra spicy foods may be tempting because they raise your body temperature temporarily, but they’ll also promote perspiration, so they might actually make you colder in the long run.

5. Change your color scheme. Research has found that surrounding yourself with “warm” colors such as orange, red and yellow may actually trick your body into feeling warmer. There’s no need to repaint your walls for winter, though ““ quickly add a splash of color to a room by adding pillows, a throw blanket or flower arrangement.

6. Hug your pet. Having a cat or dog curl up in your lap may be as effective as cranking up a personal space heater. Cuddling up with a pet also has the added bonus of eliciting those “warm fuzzy feelings” discussed in #3.