Skin Brightening Tips + DIY Toner Recipe

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 4 minutes

We all want it: healthy, radiant, glowing skin. But as we age, our skin can become dull, weathered and run down. There comes a time where everyone needs a little brightening. Years of sun exposure starts to reveal the detrimental effects of UV stress, which causes damage in multiple layers of the skin and ultimately diminishes our natural glow.

Skin Brightening Tips for Beginners

Brighten from within

There are several ways to rejuvenate and refresh dull, tired skin. First, consider what you’re eating. A healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables is good not just for your overall health, but for your skin, too. Eating the right foods will help fight inflammation, reduce breakouts and help restore youthful vibrancy. Skip the processed junk foods, hormone-laden dairy products and meats, and load up on vegetables such as kale (loaded with nourishing vitamins), fruits such as blueberries (packed with protective antioxidants) and wild salmon (with skin-loving omega fatty acids).

Experience the amazing power of apples

An apple a day keeps the wrinkles away!   But don’t just eat the apple, use the MyChelle Apple Brightening series to help rehabilitate your skin with potent, proven formulas that reverse the many signs of unflattering sun damage.   Sun damage can actually make you appear older than wrinkles.

Our therapeutic Apple Brightening products restore overall health, diminish discoloration and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If you want to get ahead of the game and stop damage before it starts, remember to use your favorite MyChelle sun protectant and avoid the sun during peak hours.

Here’s a breakdown of the active MyChelle Apple Brightening Collection:

Concerned about uneven, discolored skin? Try the Apple Brightening Cleanser to gently cleanse away the look of discoloration and sun damage while also refining and smoothing the surface of the skin.

Rough, inflamed, dehydrated skin causing you problems? The Apple Brightening Peel offers a potent blend of special, plant-derived skin brighteners and retexturizers that combat and repair signs of sun damage.

Are visible spots and wrinkles making an appearance?   Incorporate the advanced Apple Brightening Serum into your daily routine. Apple plant stem cells trigger skin’s natural regenerative process while reducing line depth up to 15 percent in just four weeks. Breakthrough peptide Melanostatine ®5 interrupts the reaction that causes hyperpigmentation to deliver a 33 percent improvement in skin’s tone and clarity.

Is dry, lackluster skin bringing you down? Revive your skin with the hydrating Apple Brightening Mist, which diminishes the look of discoloration and brightens the skin to revive a youthful texture and tone. It also works great as a finishing spray over makeup or mineral cosmetics””a red carpet must have!

Is your skin irritated, unbalanced, and aging? The luxurious Apple Brightening Cream is powered by apple plant stem cells and daisy flower extract to deliver a luminous and even-toned complexion.

Don’t forget: to keep your skin bright and healthy all year long, the most important product you can use daily is a sun protectant. The Replenishing Solar Defense SPF 30 is a wonderful, mineral-based, titanium-dioxide-free protector that contains marine bioactives to help alleviate photo-damage and hydrate the skin. A must-have product for anyone who want to brightening her skin!

If your skin is a combination of all the symptoms described, we’re all for mixing and matching. You can use 1, 2, 3″¦or all of the Apple Brightening products to achieve your skin goals.

Bonus: DIY Brightening Toner

A really great way to brighten skin, minimize pores and prevent breakouts is to create your very own low-cost toner to use two to three times per week. It’s easy to make with apple cider vinegar (ACV)””an absolute gem of a product (you can drink it, cook with it, clean with it, condition your hair with it   or use it on your skin!).

Start with a good ACV (I use Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar from Vitacost, which offers it for much less than brick-and-mortar stores). In an empty bottle, combine 2 tablespoons of ACV with ¼ cup water, and shake. That’s it! Dip a cotton ball in your toner and role it across your skin. Depending on your skin type, you may find that you need to adjust the measurements. If it tingles a lot and feels active on the skin mix, add more water. If you don’t notice any response or very minimal tingling, you may want to add more ACV.

Brighten and bronze

For an instant brightening effect, try the MyChelle Bronze Blush. This easy-to-use, portable mineral makeup blush stick naturally highlights your beautiful features. It boasts visible nourishing and therapeutic benefits, plus it’s designed to layer and blend perfectly with all skin tones. A hint of healthy, natural color packed with nourishing grape seed and camellia oils leave your skin looking dewy fresh with a brightened glow.