Spread Holiday Cheer with Citrus Essential Oils

Aura Cacia

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Essential oils can do many things. One of their most important features is the ability to influence mood and emotion. At this time of year, oils with calming and relaxing properties are popular, but sometimes we can also use a boost to keep our spirits bright.

Typically citrus oils rank high in the cheer-enhancing category. And they’re great for the holidays “” they combine well with traditional, spicy seasonal scents such as cinnamon, nutmeg and clove or greener-smelling oils such as eucalyptus, pine and rosemary. Common properties among citrus oils are that they are brightening, cheerful and uplifting and, due to their sweetness, have a scent most people find pleasing. They can help ease the tension of this time of year and brighten your outlook “” and they wear well in personal perfumes.

In mood influencing, we typically diffuse oils to scent our airspace. Diffusion methods vary, from the plug-in variety to candle lamp burners to simply adding essential oils to vaporizers or humidifiers. The key is refreshing the oils frequently, since they are natural aromas that can dissipate sooner than synthetic commercial fragrances. This is especially true of citrus oils “” since they are top-note type oils, they will fade sooner than other essential oils. You’ll want to refresh them every 1-2 hours.

Create a cheerful atmosphere by adding any of these citrus oils (or a combination)  five to seven  drops at a time to your diffuser:

Sweet Orange ““ Much like the aroma of fresh squeezed juice, sweet orange is bright, lively and uplifting.

Lemon ““ Fresh and fragrant lemon delights the senses and brightens the dreariest of days.

Tangerine ““ Sweet and delicious tangerine is the perfect addition to parties and social gatherings.

Grapefruit ““ A tangy combination of bitter and sweet, grapefruit diffuses well during mealtimes.

Mandarin ““ A bit more exotic than sweet orange oil, mandarin adds a slightly floral sweetness to blends.

Bergamot ““ A mild citrus that is a soothing agent in many home blends. The aroma of bergamot ““ like most citrus oils ““ is an almost universally pleasing aroma.

Lime ““ The refreshingly sweet aroma of lime blends well with other aromas ““ particularly mint essential oils.

Combined, or just on their own, citrus oils are a perfect reminder of brighter warmer days ahead and are worth celebrating for that reason alone. Stay cheerful and happy this time of year “” enjoy your holidays with the gentle, natural influence of citrus oils.