Spring Cleansing

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes



It’s time to put a new spin on that dreaded spring ritual””this year, before you scrub down your house, why not focus on detoxifying your body and mind? Give yourself a fresh start with these spring cleansing tips. They just may give you the energy you need to finally clean out the garage.


  1. Flush Your Body. This is what most people think about when they hear the word “detoxification.”  This step may be beneficial for those who feel that their diet or lifestyle is interfering with their body’s ability to function properly. Popular cleansing methods include consuming teas with liver-supporting herbal compounds such as dandelion and burdock root, or taking supplements such as milk thistle extract, which may support liver function and the body’s natural detoxification process.
  2. Curb Chemical Consumption. The best way to ensure that unnecessary toxins don’t invade your system is not to consume them in the first place! From overly processed snacks to soaps and sunscreens, chemicals are everywhere and enter our bodies in numerous ways. Cut back on preservatives and fortify your diet by replacing processed items with raw, whole and natural foods, especially fruits and veggies. When it comes to personal care, look for products that are free of chemical additives, which can even be lurking in pleasant fragrances and colors.
  3. Eliminate Allergens. Feeling a little “off”? You may be allergic or sensitive to certain foods without even knowing it! This can cause numerous problems, from minor congestion to cloudy thinking and constipation. If you suspect a food sensitivity, try an elimination diet””that is, slowly eliminate potential allergens one at a time and monitor the results. Wheat, milk, soy, eggs and fish are the most common triggers.
  4. De-Stress Your Life. Traffic jams, screaming kids, angry boss””the list goes on. The daily burdens of life can throw your whole body into a tizzy. Make time for relaxing activities, taking special care to clear your mind at least once a day. Helpful activities include meditation, yoga, walking and reading.
  5. Be Balanced. The key to a clean mind and body is balance. Work hard, but play hard too. Get plenty of sleep, as well as plenty of exercise. Eat a balanced diet with a large variety of healthy foods and drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. These are great habits that can have long-term cleansing effects that will keep you feeling great long past spring!