Spring Forward

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by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Life is never stagnant, so why would you be? It’s time to change it up, bring something new and fresh into your life. Breaking out of your routine breathes new life into you. The neuro-pathways of your brain will be stimulated in new and different ways, creating a rejuvenation of sorts. You’ll see life through a different lens, with renewed vigor and increased positive feelings toward yourself and others.

Change is in the air! Reward yourself for making positive changes with a Vitacost Be Box.
Change is in the air! Reward yourself for making positive changes with a Vitacost Be Box.

Start with something small. If you’re not an exerciser, pick one way you can move your body every day that will help you feel empowered and that you can look forward, we don’t want this to be a burden. Try getting up 15 minutes earlier to walk your dogs before you start your routine for the day. The quiet time to yourself can allow for you to organize your thought and see you day’s tasks with clear, energized eyes.

If you’re already a hard body, and you typically run the same 8 mile route every day, you should definitely switch it up. Not just because your muscle memory has already made that run a piece of cake by the 3rd week you were doing it, but because your brain is on autopilot when you’re running, taking you out of mindful consciousness. Your legs may be pumping but your head isn’t in the game. Try switching to a shorter run and hitting the bleachers for some stair running action or join a Pilates class to challenge your muscles in entirely new ways.

Are your surroundings stale and outdated? Is your home absent of ambiance? Our environment has such a large effect on our mental state. Create a home that is inviting and joyful with aromatherapy candles, a Himalayan rock salt ionizer and some new art work on your walls. If you’re looking for a real challenge, paint them yourself!

Don’t let your clock be the only one springing forward this time of year. It’s time for change, it’s time for you.