Stay-Put Makeup Demo

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

We’ve all done it. When makeup doesn’t hold its weight, we end up sneaking off to the bathroom for a quick touch-up…again and again. Who has time for that? When you put on makeup in the morning, you expect it to last all day — and you deserve that. So, let me show you my secret to stay-put makeup that won’t let you down.

Truthfully, I fell upon this secret during one of my shopping sprees at Looking for a natural (of course) concealer to use under my eyes, I found the MyChelle Minerals Concealer Stick. It was love at first swipe. So naturally the next step was to test out the foundation and blushes. If I was so crazy about the concealer, certainly I’d feel the same about the rest of the line.

I was right. The MyChelle Minerals Foundation leaves my skin looking hydrated and creates the perfect glow. I give credit to the foundation’s ingredients. In fact, the first ingredient listed is grape seed oil. Using more oil-based products has seemed to drastically improve my skin. It may seem counter-intuitive, but think of it this way: oil breaks up oil. Hence why I’ve recently had fewer breakouts and a more hydrated-but-not-greasy-looking complexion.

I’ll confess that I overlooked the MyChelle Minerals Foundation at first, because I’ve never been a fan of twist-up tube makeup. Much to my surprise, this glided on easily and gives me just enough coverage. The best part is it outlasted a nap, babysitting and a shopping trip. Seriously, I slept in this foundation and it didn’t smudge [mind blown]!

Try it yourself by following the steps below and leave me a comment to share how it turned out.

1. The first step is to spread the stick foundation around cheeks, chin and forehead. You don’t need to cover every inch of your face, because next…

2. Use a slightly-moist beauty blender or makeup sponge to blend the foundation all over, making sure to really press it into place. A brush really doesn’t work for stick foundation.

3. Swipe the concealer (I use the cream color) in the under-eye area to add a nice lighting affect. Blend this in with a concealer brush for the perfect remedy to those dreaded dark circles.

4. Take the MyChelle Minerals Blush Stick in Peaches and swirl it on in the hallows of the cheeks. Use a brush to blend and smooth the color up to the hairline. The color is not very bold, but this technique will help define the jawline. If you want a pop of color, simply top it off with a powder blush. A bubble-gum pink hue meshes well with the MyChelle Peaches tint.

5. Set it all with a translucent powder and you’re good to go for the whole day through!