Strong is the New Skinny

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Media’s portrayal of the ideal woman has changed from the once-popular skeletal frames. In today’s world, more fashion models and celebrities are realizing that a fit body sells. And, quite frankly, it’s a healthier way of life. That’s why they’re turning to fun and functional group fitness options (think Tabata training and crossfit) and top-level personal trainers to transform their bodies into lean, mean machines. Finally, the sexiness of a well-toned body is catching on — and this is a trend you won’t want to miss!

Strong is the new skinny. Get with the times by getting fit. Follow my steps to a strong, sexy body and you’ll be on trend in no time.

The first step is to exercise…

…with weights.  

Don’t become a “cardio queen” in the quest for seeking sexy muscle tone. Instead, make sure you embrace weight training which actually lifts, tones and sculpts your body from head to toe. This is where those group fitness classes or a personal trainer may come in handy. For those who are too shy for the gym and can’t splurge on an at-home personal trainer, create a workout zone in your living room or bedroom with a resistance band and stability ball. It’s really that easy.

…on a schedule.

What I advise most clients is to split up their workouts by muscle group. For example, Monday you would work shoulders and abs; Tuesday would be dedicated to legs; Thursday could be biceps and triceps and Saturday back and chest. You would rest or do cardio on the other days. Cycling your workouts like this is a good idea to help prevent over-training a certain muscle group, which can lead to injury. Try to also stretch after every sweat session for added protection against injury. Remember, rest and recovery are as important as exercising itself.

Rest and recovery is largely supported by on-point nutrition. So be sure to check back here for part two. I’ll cover the nutritional must-haves that will help you become your strongest yet!