Summer Snacks for Your Plant-Based Life

by | Updated: May 16th, 2018 | Read time: 3 minutes

Summer doesn’t last forever. And that’s precisely why you should be taking advantage of nature while you still can. Hike, mountain bike, lay by the seashore – whatever you love! Just remember, a true outdoorsman (or woman) is always prepared. In your tote-it-all bag, be sure you’re stocked with healthy snacks to keep you hydrated, satisfied and up for anything. Windsurfing, anyone?

It’s not unusual to lose your appetite in hot, humid weather. So pack easily-digestible foods that serve a purpose: to feed and hydrate.

Plant-Based Summer Snack Ideas


Nutrition bars are a convenient option, especially those made from whole superfoods that will nourish your entire body. Trail mix lovers can easily make their own blend. Just be sure to include lots of dried fruits, nuts and seeds for optimal nutrition and flavor. Omega-rich sacha inchi seeds are a great source of protein and fiber.

Fresh, frozen or freeze-dried fruit

Grapes, watermelon and oranges are summer must-haves, along with the occasional organic peach and pineapple slices. To make them more transportable, cut them before you leave the house and store in an air-tight container. Fresh, frozen grapes and berries make for a cool treat on a hot day. You can also throw frozen fruit into a bottle of water for an instantly flavorful refresher. If fresh fruit is too messy or bulky to carry around, no-sugar-added pineapple rings are truly nature’s candy.


Celery, carrot and jicama sticks can be so refreshing on a hot day. They also make a great alternative for chips when paired with hummus. If you really crave that salty chip, make your own by thinly slicing veggies (like summer-fresh zucchini and squash) and baking until perfectly crisp. Serve with mango salsa for a seasonal delight.

Balanced mini-meals

If you have time, throw together a well-balanced meal that travels well. Nut butter sandwiches are everyone’s go-to on the go. But if you’re sick and tired of PB&J, try a quinoa salad. It may sound way off base, but quinoa has a naturally nutty flavor, plus it’s high in protein, low in fat and a good source of iron. A healthy, hearty mix might include quinoa with slivered almonds, dried cranberries, fresh spinach, your favorite seasonings and a drizzle of oil. Get creative!

Refreshing drinks

When you sweat, your body loses water and essential vitamins and minerals. So it’s crucial to replace these nutrients as often as possible while you’re soaking up the sun’s rays. Pack your BPA-free water bottle and favorite electrolyte hydrator, or create a hydrating cocktail to sip on even when you aren’t parched. In fact, when you feel thirst, you’re already dehydrated. Be proactive and drink steadily throughout the day.

Store it, seal it and keep it safe

Ideally, you’d pack everything in a cooler. Small coolers and icepacks are a great way to bring cold foods on your excursions, so they stay fresh and ready to enjoy. Besides, who wants food poisoning on a day at the beach? For snacks that don’t need refrigeration, air-tight, BPA-free containers are durable, will keep your food fresh and are easy on the environment. Snack on!

What are some of your favorite summer snacks?