Homemade Sweet Potato Matzo Balls in Veggie Soup | Vitacost.com/Blog March 25th, 2021

Sweet Potato Matzo Balls

Is there anything more comforting than soup? Add some light and fluffy texture to your next bowl with these nutritious, sweet potato matzo balls – it’s a traditional recipe with a twist!

Homemade Coconut-Almond Matzo Snack Mix for Passover | Vitacost Blog March 23rd, 2018

Coconut-Almond Matzo Snack Mix

Dry matzo got you down? There’s no need to settle for boring bites. Try this munch-worthy matzo snack mix recipe! Get ready for a tasty, caramel-like dessert sweetened with coconut, cinnamon, honey & more.

December 3rd, 2016

A Very Vegan Passover

If you’re following a specialty diet, you might think you’ll be staring at an empty plate during Passover. But there’s no reason to starve for eight whole days! My husband’s eating plan prompted me to seek out new ways toRead More…