Teacher Appreciation Week: Seriously?

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

I appreciate my kids’ teachers, I really do. You know what I don’t appreciate? Needing to rush around to buy a thoughtful something or other for Mrs. Your Kid Isn’t Working Up To His Potential during the same week that I’m also trying to find Mother’s Day gifts for the various maternal figures in our lives. Of course, all of this is in addition to all the gift buying all of us moms are already doing year-round for kids’ birthday parties, new babies, bridal showers, welcome-to-the-neighborhood, sorry-to-hear-about-your-great-aunt’s-passing, etc. etc.

Oh, and by the way–the end of the school year is a few weeks away, and don’t we need to get them gifts again  for that, too? I’m tempted to just start buying everyone candles.

Happy Mother’s Day. Here’s a candle. You’re a great teacher. Here’s a candle. You’re a great teacher and you  did a great job with the kids all year ’round and have a great summer. Have another candle. Congrats on your engagement! Have a candle. What a cute new baby! I bet he would love this decorative votive. Oh, you’re turning eleven? Wonderful. I bet you’ll love the scent of burning vanilla.

Eh, I’m just grumbling. I know the teachers are hard-working, underpaid and wonderful and I also know I’ll be running to the mall before it closes tonight to grab some rushed-yet-heartfelt token of appreciation for the women who put up with my children’s whining and runny noses every day!

But would it be too much to request that Teacher’s Appreciation Week be moved to a week that’s not right before Mother’s Day, smack in the middle of wedding season and right before the end of the school year?

My October is looking pretty open.

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