The Alkaline Diet: 5 Foods You Should Include

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 1 minute

If you took chemistry in high school or college, you might remember that you can test how alkaline something is by measuring its pH level. Your body has different levels: Your blood usually has a pH between 7.35 and 7.45, while your stomach’s level is acidic.

Alkaline Diet Artichoke Hearts
Try adding alkaline-forming artichoke hearts to a fresh spring salad.


Alkaline diets are designed to maintain blood pH levels. What you eat on an alkaline diet is designed to keep you healthy while boosting your body’s ability to lose weight.

The diet requires you to avoid sugar, processed foods and alcohol, while enjoying fruits, vegetables and water. Keep the amounts of animal protein and grain low.

The goal: Make 20 percent of your diet acidic foods, with the other 80 percent composed of alkaline foods.

Good choices for that 80 percent include:

1. Fruits, including dates and figs. Satisfy your sweet tooth by sprinkling Bob’s Red Mill Date Crumbles over cut-up fresh fruit.

2. Vegetables, including artichokes, spinach and asparagus. Add variety to your salads by topping fresh leafy greens with organic canned veggies, such as Native Forest Artichoke Hearts.

3. Nuts such as cashews. Make your own trail mix by combining dried fruit with NOW Foods cashews.

4. Seeds such as pumpkin seeds. Take Eden Foods pumpkin seeds on trips or to the office:

5. Herbal tea: On a cold evening, warm your tummy and soul with Mighty Leaf tea.