The Best Foods for Fat Burning

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Let’s talk about one of my all-time favorite topics: FOOD! I love to cook and I love to eat. More importantly, I love to share my trade secrets to burning more fat through nutrition. Need I remind you that abs are made in the kitchen? Since you’re not going to get a flat, firm midsection from munching on your favorite Chex Mix, let’s look at what foods will.

3 Fat Burning Foods for Bikini Season

1. High-fiber foods
Increasing your fiber intake – particularly for your first meal of the day – will help you pass any excess water while keeping you full for hours. Something like Bob’s Red Mill Organic Steel Cut Oats is a great choice for breakfast, because just one serving provides 5 grams of dietary fiber, 7 grams of protein and absolutely no belly-bloating sodium.

What to eat up to slim down:
Bran cereal
Fresh fruit, including apples and bananas
Dried fruit, including dates and figs
Brown rice
No-salt-added black beans

2. Low-sodium seasonings
Speaking of salt…as much as our active bodies need it to maintain electrolyte balance, our American diets contain way too much of it. When we consume a large amount of sodium, our bodies retain water as a way to flush out the excess. Unfortunately, that leads to the dreaded belly bloat. Cutting back wherever possible will help prevent bloating from ever becoming a problem. Because seasonings tend to be loaded with salt, this is an easy place to make a change. The best part is you can use these herbs-and-spices blends on salad dressings, soups, meats, stir-frys, roasted potatoes and so much more!

What to eat up to slim down:
Bragg Organic Sprinkle

Spike Vegit® Magic!
Pure garlic powder
Curry powder
Frontier Natural Products Lemon Pepper Seasoning

3. Lean proteins
Get out the grill! Summers are perfect for cooking fresh and flavorful fish, meat and veggies over the coals (and seasoned with salt-free spices, of course). I love grilled salmon and asparagus for a light and healthy meal. By filling up on protein and veggies, our bodies don’t have room for diet-derailing carbs. Besides, our hard-worked muscles need all the protein they can get!

What to eat up to slim down:
Boneless, skinless chicken breast
Tuna salad made with Wild Planet No Salt Tuna and non-fat Greek yogurt
Eggs, scrambled, hard-boiled or baked into a quiche
Salmon, fresh or the canned variety used in a quiche (bonus!) or mixed into whole grain pasta dishes
Garden of Life RAW Fit™ Organic Protein powder is perfect for a vegan diet or anyone pressed for time