The Chaga Saga


by | Updated: February 13th, 2017 | Read time: 2 minutes

My apologies, broccoli. I’m so very sorry, celery. There’s simply no vegetable as adorable or as magical to me as a mushroom. I love to eat them…is there anything as delicious as a succulent shiitake chopped up in a stirfry with some EVOO, fresh garlic and a pinch of ginger? I also have taken maitake mushroom supplements because of their amazing health benefits (it’s a regular in my immune support arsenal).  But one mushroom variety I’ve never sampled is the chaga—and from what I just heard on TV, it sounds like I’ve been missing out on the most fabulous fungus of all!


The Chaga Sage

There was a holistic medicine doctor (my favorite kind!) discussing nutrients with powerful levels of antioxidants, and the chaga mushroom was at the top of his list. This fungus grows in birch trees in far-flung places including Russia, Korea and Eastern Europe, and has been used in “folk medicine” since the 16th century to maintain health and even to help people with serious ailments.

I like the idea of taking a nutrient with so much history and culture as part of my regimen. And many women are starting to use liquid chaga on their skin as part of their anti-aging regimen…I want to give that a try, too! It’s completely natural and chemical-free, and I love it that I’m able to score as many “you look so young!” compliments using products of nature rather than getting in line for my quarterly “injections.” (I’m devious like that.)

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