The Lowdown on Baby Lotions

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

There are so many baby lotions out there–so how do you choose which one is right for your bundle of joy? When you browse through the extensive and ever-growing selection of sweet-smelling baby skincare products, you can feel like you’re slip-sliding away into a land where everything sounds like it’s the “best choice” for your baby. But the truth is, some products are better options than others, especially if your little one has sensitive skin or you’re concerned about artificial scents and ingredients.

Applying Lotion to Baby After Bath

Here’s a good guide for choosing the right lotion for your baby.

Newborn needs

When you bring a brand-new baby home from the hospital, there’s so much you don’t know: Will those navy blue eyes turn brown? Will sleeping more than two hours at a time ever happen? Oh, and will this baby react badly to artificial ingredients or scents or have allergies? Until you’ve ruled out allergies and/or sensitive skin, stick with California Baby Super Sensitive Everyday Lotion, which is hypoallergenic, has no artificial ingredients, and not only is fragrance-free but also doesn’t contain ingredients that mask scents.

The big deal about calendula

The calendula flower, known commonly as the marigold, been used for centuries for its healing properties, and because it’s hypoallergenic, it’s the perfect choice for sensitive baby skin. And of all the calendula options out there, I’ve got to give first prize to California Baby Calendula Cream, which is especially light and fluffy. (My goodness, does it smell good!) Weleda’s calendula cream is also very nice and is blended with almond and sesame oils for extra hydration.

X out eczema

Infant eczema is a very common but concerning condition; the rash isn’t pretty and no one wants their little love to have to deal with dry, irritated skin. A dependable choice is Aveeno Baby’s eczema cream, which is recognized by the National Eczema Association and lists colloidal oatmeal as its active ingredient. Gentle Naturals takes a different approach to the same symptom, relying on ingredients including petrolatum, aloe juice and chamomile to lock in moisture as a way to soothe the eczema itchies.

Hello, aloe

Everyone knows that aloe is a plant with healing properties, but did you know this plant also has aromatherapy benefits? California Baby Aloe Vera First Aid Cream soothes diaper rashes, mild eczema and other baby boo-boos and has a fresh, clean, calming scent that babies adore. Of course, this is assuming you decide to “share” this product with your little one–many parents keep it for themselves, as it’s amazing on razor burns and a great choice after waxing or other hair removal options.

Sweet, sweet baby

No one wants to slather their little one in perfume-scented lotions that smell stronger than a department store fragrance counter. But you are going to spend a lot of time with your nose against that warm little neck. Earth Mama Angel Baby Vanilla Orange Lotion is toxin-free, natural and vegan–and smells just like an orange creamsicle. Combine that with your little one’s natural scent, and it’s absolute heaven!