Three Cheers for Cleaning!

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

What does it mean to clean happy? Some people think keeping a home shiny and fresh without cluttering the air with chemicals  is enough (thanks, Method!). But why not whistle while you work? Doing away with dirt doesn’t have to be an act of drudgery. All it takes is a little creativity to turn sweeping and scouring into something cheery.


Turn on the tunes
Snow white was onto something. Getting your groove on while scrubbing grout makes a tedious task infinitely less terrible. Crank up a song, bust a move and your dish-washing dance party will make time tick by much faster than it would with just the swish of your sponge in the background.

Be the cleaning fairy
Wear wings? Carry a wand? Why not? Costumes make everything more fun, cleaning included. Strap on an eye-patch and play pirate cleaning the ship’s deck. Or just throw on a silly hat, maybe a pair of stomping boots. The important thing is to have a good time. Try not to laugh looking at yourself in that clean, streak-free mirror wearing a fake mustache!

Hold a cleaning contest
No, really. Kids aren’t just mess makers. With the right incentives, and a little friendly competition, they can actually help you get a good hunk of housework done. Who’s fastest? Who’s got the best happy-clean-dance moves? Who can carry the laundry without dropping one sock? Winner gets”¦ a clean house! Or stickers, a bottle of bubbles or the like.

Dim the lights
Just like music, the right lighting lifts mood. Doubt it? Try turning the lamp down low, lighting a few candles and then polishing the furniture. As a bonus, turn on some slow jams. It’s practically a date.