5 Time-Saving Beauty Tricks for Busy Mornings

by | Updated: September 20th, 2019 | Read time: 3 minutes

Hitting the snooze button one too many times in the morning? We’re all guilty of that from time to time, but when it happens, you don’t have to spend the entire day looking like you just rolled out of bed. Running late does not mean your skin has to suffer! Streamline your routine using these time saving beauty tricks to make it look like you have it all together, even when you don’t.

Woman Snoozing who Needs Time Saving Beauty Tricks | Vitacost Blog

1. Do More at Night

Speed up your morning routine by checking steps off the night before. Exfoliation is the perfect nighttime treatment as it primes your skin for nutrient-packed serums and allows skin time to rejuvenate while you sleep. Completing this crucial step at night won’t take away from your beauty sleep, either! At-home chemical exfoliators like facial peels take less than 5 minutes, and some only need a minute work their magic! Adding this step to your evening routine will not only save you precious time in the morning, but will give you that coveted “I woke up like this” glow.

2. Skip the Sink

It’s always a good idea to cleanse in the morning to remove any excess overnight product and start your day with a clean slate. When you need to cleanse in a pinch, skip the sink and reach for micellar water instead! A few swipes of this cleansing water removes impurities and excess product from the surface of the skin without drying you out. If you don’t have time for your daily serums after this quick cleanse, you can prime skin before applying moisturizer with a spritz or two of a nutrient-rich beauty mist.

3. Wake Up Sleepy Eyes

On nights when you don’t get quite enough sleep, tired eyes can be a dead giveaway. To look well-rested (even when you’re not) keep your eye cream in the fridge for an instant, cooling pick-me-up that will help decrease the look of puffiness. Double down on dark circles and send bags packing by choosing an eye cream formulated with plant oils and extracts.

4. Cocktail Your Moisturizer

Making the perfect cocktail is hard, but cocktailing your serums and moisturizer is easy if you know what plays well together. Nothing says “I’m awake” like a healthy glow, and hydrated skin is the fastest route to a fresh, smooth complexion. Add a pump of a Hyaluronic Acid-based serum to your moisturizer to amplify the hydrating effects of both. Hyaluronic Acid draws water to the skin while your moisturizer helps to seal it all in, delivering a one-two punch of hydration in a snap.

5. Bring On the Multitaskers

No matter how rushed you are, SPF should always make the cut. For products you use every day, you want to be sure they’re both effective and safe. Mineral-based sunscreens that use Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide form a safe and highly effective physical layer of UV protection on the surface of the skin that keeps you covered against both harmful UVA and UVB rays. Tinted mineral-based sunscreens are one of those magical double-duty products that, once you start using, you’ll never want to live without! Tinted SPF combines two steps: sun protection and foundation, getting you out the door and ready to face the day.


These tricks don’t have to be reserved for mornings when you’re running late! Streamlining your everyday routine will give you back a few precious minutes that can be spent on anything from meditation to morning stretches, or catching up with your kids. We’d all love a little more time, and we hope these ways to save time in the mornings can help you achieve just that!