9 Travel Skincare Tips to Keep Your Glow on the Go

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by | Updated: June 29th, 2022 | Read time: 4 minutes

Summer is here, and for many, taking a trip is top of mind. Whether you’re cruisin’ upstate to visit family or jetting off for an island adventure, if you’re traveling this summer, you’re going to want to give skin care some thought. Sure, those mini versions of your favorite products are a must (who doesn’t love shopping for them?). But beyond bringing little bottles, there are some things to consider before you hit the road.

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To keep your skin healthy and looking its best while you’re on vacation, keep these travel skincare tips in mind.

Helpful Travel Skincare Tips

1. Don’t leave home without your products.

Of course there will be soap and lotion at the hotel. But ditching your usual skincare products for whatever’s available at your destination isn’t going to do your skin any favors. You never truly know what’s in those little complimentary products, especially since they’re often generic without ingredients listed on the labels. Instead, take your own skincare supplies with you, whether that means buying travel-sized versions or filling reusable mini bottles with your own product.

2. Remember your treatments.

If you use facial treatments such as retinol or tretinoin, it’s important to bring them with you. Consistency is key in maintaining results with these treatments, so make sure you apply them with the same frequency as you do at home. Also double check for any special instructions. For example, some treatments my require you to stay out of direct sunlight.

3. Know the weather.

Traveling to a hot, humid destination? Consider using lighter skincare products to ensure that your skin doesn’t overproduce oil and break out. You might also consider bringing along oil blotting sheets, or a facial mist to refresh your complexion throughout the day. If the weather will be cooler, heavier skincare products with moisturizing properties are best to pack in your bag.

4. Keep it minimal.

Not only does sticking to essentials help you pack lighter, but it also decreases chances that your skin will have an adverse reaction to a product. Traveling is not the time to add new products into your skincare routine! Travel factors such as weather, stress, eating new foods and different sleep patterns can all affect your skin – so keep it simple and use only products your skin is used to. If you can go without certain products for the time you’ll be away (knowing that it won’t negatively affect your skin), leave them at home.

5. Stay hydrated.

Healthy skin starts from within, so make sure you’re supporting your skincare routine by sticking with the healthiest possible away-from-home diet and drinking plenty of water. It’s easy to forget to stay hydrated when you’re lounging by the pool sipping umbrella-topped cocktails or hopping from tourist attraction to tourist attraction. Bring along a reusable water bottle and keep sipping throughout the day. Pop in some electrolyte tabs for extra support, too – especially if you’ll be outdoors in a hot climate and sweating more than usual.

6. If you’re flying, moisturize.

Plane rides can be especially drying to skin because of the high altitude and recycled air, so be sure to slather on a good moisturizer and lip balm ahead of your flight. You might even use a hydrating sheet mask and under-eye gels on your journey if your skin still feels too dry. Hydration is key here, too. Sip water often, and stay away from alcohol, which has further dehydrating effects.

7. Take preventative measures.

Taking preventative measures such as liberally applying (and reapplying) sunscreen and checking the UV index throughout the day will serve you and your skin’s health well. Although it can change, the weather forecast on the morning of an outing is usually fairly accurate. This will help you to adequately prepare for items you might need throughout the day such as water, sunblock, a sunhat and sunglasses.

8. Prepare for burns and breakouts.

Sometimes, even with prep and preventative measures, you’ll still end up with a sunburn or skin breakout. The last thing you’ll want to have to do is scramble for soothing supplies. Bring along a small bottle of aloe for sunburn relief and some acne patches to spot treat blemishes.

9. Always cleanse your face.

Whether you return to your hotel room at 7 p.m. or 2 a.m., dedicate a few minutes to properly cleanse your face. Even if you’ve gone makeup free for the day, it’s important to wash away germs and debris before you sleep. You’ll get the deepest cleanse with your face wash, but if you’re in a real hurry to hit the hay, micellar water or makeup wipes are better than sleeping with a full face of makeup on.

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