Using Essential Oils for Cold-Weather Relief

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by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

In the winter months, using essential oils can bring many benefits. Specifically, taking a deep, cleansing breath is one thing that’s easily supported with aromatherapy. Eucalyptus oil, always a front-runner when diffusing or vaporizing, is a wonderful choice to help ease the complaints of cold weather. Not to mention the pleasant, fresh aroma of eucalyptus can bring life into the stale air of a home that has been tightly closed for the preservation of warmth in the winter.

Using Essential Oils for Cold-Weather Relief

One simple winter application for eucalyptus oil is by adding several drops to a stock pot that simmers on the stove. Make sure to keep an eye on the water and add more when needed, and also refresh the eucalyptus oil when the aroma wanes.

This type of diffusion is great for a few reasons. We benefit from breathing in the eucalyptus oil and can feel a quick response. The eucalyptus supports energy and can help awaken and uplift us without the use of caffeine. And the added moisture from the steam helps counter the dryness in the air of our homes.

However, eucalyptus isn’t the only option for this type of diffusion. A few essential oils can be used in this way to bring more life into our environments. Some great oils to use in stove-top diffusion are:

Lavender — always great for any relaxation experience, lavender oil oil benefits the home by keeping the inhabitants calm.

Rosemary — great for mental focus and energy, rosemary is a great choice for keeping the mind alert.

Frankincense — soothing in many ways, frankincense is great for expanding the breath.

Cardamom — spicy and warm, cardamom is a wonderful choice to freshen the air.

These oils are great on their own, and can be combined in blends for multiple effects. Get more enjoyment out of your time spent indoors this winter and keep a happy and healthy home with essential oils.