Using Tea Tree Oil for Topical Skin Relief

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by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

Q. When it’s hot out, I notice my skin gets itchy and uncomfortable easily, plus I’m dealing with insect bites, cuts and abrasions from being outdoors more. What natural solutions can you recommend?

Tea Tree Oil


Dr. Linda Miles D.O.M. responds:

A. While we may be thankful for the warmer temperatures, longer days and fun in the sun, as you mention, our skin may be singing a different tune.

Warmer temperatures and high humidity can lead to increased perspiration that gets trapped under the skin, causing rashes, irritation, itching, even providing a breeding ground for bacterial and fungal issues. Plus, as we all quickly learn, more time outdoors means we are more likely dealing with insect bites, cuts, abrasions, poison oak or ivy and itching from unknown causes.

Well, the good news is, you don’t have to reach for unsafe, chemical-laden OTC products to get relief. During this time of year, reach for one of my favorite natural first aid remedies—tea tree oil.

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Tea tree oil has been used for centuries as an effective topical treatment. Today, you can find a great amount of research backing this beneficial botanical, showing just how effective it really is. Tea tree is a natural antiseptic, making it an integral part of your personal first aid kit.

Tea tree oil has been shown to successfully address a wide variety of skin problems. Additionally, tea tree oil can be used for sunburn, prickly heat, pimples, cosmetic rashes, abrasions and the list goes on. It’s also an excellent insect repellent with natural solvent properties that help dissolve insect toxin in existing bites to stop itching and allow the bite area to heal faster.

To help resolve skin conditions, wounds and insect bites, you can apply pure tea tree oil directly to the skin or use a skin caring blend such as derma e® Tree and E Oil. I developed this formula combining 75 percent tea tree and 25 percent vitamin E, giving you a potent natural remedy. I added moisturizing antioxidant vitamin E, because it helps counteract the drying effect of tea tree, protect the skin’s fatty acids, fight free radicals and hydrate the skin to aid in the recovery process. For abrasions, itches, insect bites, rashes, pimples and/or blemishes, apply directly to specific areas several times throughout the day. For other issues, apply to clean, dry skin twice a day.

Creams and moisturizers containing tea tree oil are also extremely beneficial because they can offer your skin even more benefits. derma e® Tea Tree and E Antiseptic Crème is enriched with protective antioxidant vitamin E, calming chamomile and nourishing avocado oil to help resolve problem skin issues, and moisturize, soothe and protect skin against future problems. It is ideal for those looking for a natural deeply moisturizing antiseptic cream. Scoop a small amount of Tea Tree and E Antiseptic Crème and apply directly to problem areas. It may be applied several times throughout the day.

If itch relief is your primary concern, try derma e® Itch Relief Lotion. This light, natural moisturizer provides quick calming comfort to dry, itchy, and/or irritated skin. Also, rich in tea tree, vitamin E and chamomile, this lotion delivers that much needed cooling, calming sensation without cortisone or other steroids. It is ideal for those who are looking for the natural alternative to over-the-counter anti-itch creams. Pump a small amount of Itch Relief Lotion into the palm of your hands and apply directly to problem areas. This formula can can also be applied several times throughout the day.

Now is the perfect time to stock your medicine cabinet with natural tea tree oil remedies for healthy, happy skin.