What Can Calendula Do?

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 1 minute

Calendula officinalis is a genus of plant, also known as pot marigold or scotch marigold. Aside from being a beautiful orange-yellow flower, calendula can do many things for your skin and body.

calendula extract

Calendula has natural soothing properties that may help calm minor skin irritations. Taken as a supplement, calendula leaves and stems contain lutein and beta-carotene, important carotenoid antioxidants that can ease and protect skin from irritation and damage. The flavonoids in calendula may support healthy inflammatory response.

You can find calendula in ointments, creams, soaps, washes, moisturizers, toothpastes and infused in oils. Calendula tea can be used as a gargle for minor throat or mouth irritations.

Although calendula flowers are useful for many purposes, it’s important to note that only calendula officinalis has been studied for its beneficial properties. Most common garden marigolds, including French and African varieties, are of a completely different genus.