What is That Anyway? A Spotlight on PrimaVie Purified Shilajit Extract

by | Updated: May 11th, 2018 | Read time: 3 minutes

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and that’s certainly true when it comes to shilajit. Found high up on the Himalayan mountains nestled in between rocks, shilajit is a dark, sap-like substance you might easily overlook. But this “mineral wax” is mighty. Commonly used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, shilajit extract is known for its ability to promote healthy CoQ10 levels in the body, supporting natural energy production. PrimaVie®, a purified shilajit extract featured in Vitacost’s whole-food-based ROOT2 supplement line, also may support the body’s production of collagen and support heart and sexual health.*

Rocks on Himalayan Mountains, Source of PrimaVie Purified Shilajit Extract

Want to learn more? Natreon, Inc., manufacturers of this clinically studied extract, gives us the scoop on PrimaVie® Purified Shilajit.

Please tell us a little about PrimaVie® Purified Shilajit – what makes it so special?

PrimaVie® is a high quality, clinically studied, purified Shilajit from the Himalayas, containing dibenzo-α-pyrones (DBPs), DBP-Chromoproteins (DCP), fulvic acid and over 40 different minerals. 

PrimaVie® is unique in that it is the only shilajit in the market to have GRAS approval (General Recognized as Safe by the FDA) and it contains very low levels of heavy metals. Many other generic forms of shilajit have been found to contain high levels of arsenic, whereas PrimaVie® has very low levels and is even compliant with California’s Proposition 65.

What is unique about your harvesting and manufacturing practices?

PrimaVie® Purified Shilajit Extract is collected from the Himalayas at altitudes between 1000 and 5000 meters. The extract is manufactured using only an aqueous process; no chemical solvents are used. In addition, we have a proprietary process to remove the heavy metals, thus resulting in very low levels of heavy metals. 

What are some of the top uses and benefits of PrimaVie® Purified Shilajit?

  • Supports male sexual health by increasing free & total testosterone levels and Nitric Oxide levels*
  • Boosts mitochondrial energy*
  • Acts synergistically with CoQ10 and augments its activity*
  • Increases exercise endurance and overall fitness level*
  • Healthy aging – up-regulates genes responsible for collagen synthesis and improves the health of skin, connective tissues, muscles, bones, teeth, eyes  and blood vessels (patent pending)*
  • Has an ORAC value that is better than many super fruits*
  • Decreases the inflammation biomarker hsCRP by more than 50%*
  • Decreases overall pain, pain after limb manipulation, and pain after physical exertion in moderately arthritic dogs*

What is your company’s mission?

To bring scientifically studied and tested Ayurvedic ingredients to the dietary supplement, personal care, food & beverage, and medical food segments worldwide, and thereby improving the health of populations globally.

How long has your company been in business, and how did it get started?

Natreon, Inc. was created in 1998 in response to a growing interest in scientifically studied Ayurvedic products. Since our origins, we have been focused on researching, developing and marketing Ayurveda-based active ingredients, backed by extensive clinical and pre-clinical research, safety studies, a high degree of purity, robust standardization, and developing intellectual property for the benefit of ourselves and our customers.

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit term that means “the science of life” or “life knowledge.“ Ayurvedic compounds have been used for over 5000 years in traditional Indian medicine and throughout Southeast Asia. 

At Natreon, we focus on the most promising of these actives and bring our rigorous, modern scientific approach to studying safety and efficacy and then developing manufacturing processes and supply chains, to produce the highest purity levels of these actives.

What’s the most important thing about PrimaVie® Purified Shilajit and Natreon that you want people to know and remember?

The most important thing about PrimaVie® Purified Shilajit is it’s safety profile (compared to generic shilajit) – very low levels of heavy metals and all the claims are backed by multiple clinical studies which have been published in peer reviewed journals. 

Natreon is a science driven company committed to delivering safe and effective products to consumers while maintaining full transparency. 


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.