What is Yerba Mate? Try it for an Herbal Energy Boost!

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If you haven’t heard of yerba mate, that’s about to change! This tasty, traditional South American beverage is taking the world by storm, which should come as no surprise considering the flavorful brew is supposed to be as strong as coffee, as beneficial as tea and as blissful as chocolate.

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What is yerba mate?

Yerba mate is made from leaves of Ilex Paraguariensis, a species of holly tree found in the South American rainforest. They are usually placed over a fire to dry, and then steeped, much like tea, in hot water. The beverage is traditionally enjoyed in a container known as a gourd or calabash and sipped through a metal straw with a filter to eliminate any stray leaf fragments. Although yerba mate is typically served hot, those in warm climates may prefer to ice the beverage.

Yerba mate benefits

Looking for an alternative to your morning coffee of afternoon tea? Nutrient- and antioxidant-rich yerba mate may very well be the solution you’re seeking. Although further research is needed, studies have shown that “yerba mate leaves have antioxidant, antiobesity, antidiabetic, digestive improvement and cardiovascular properties, and chemopreventative ones (preventing cellular damage that may cause chronic diseases),” according to the National Institutes of Health.

Yerba mate products to try

Ready to experience the benefits of yerba mate for yourself? We don’t blame you! Ditch the coffee and traditional tea, and check out these energizing alternatives:

The Mate Factor Organic Dark Roast Yerba Mate

Boasting extra-large portions, this 100% certified organic yerba mate takes “care to preserve the herb’s natural vibrancy, vitamins, enzymes and bio-active components.” According to the product’s manufacturer, the rich, flavorful beverage may also improve energy and mental clarity and aid in weight loss. If you’re a fan of flavored beverages, try the mocha mint or hibiscus lime varieties!

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Eco Teas Organic Yerba Mate Unsmoked Loose Tea

This naturally caffeinated, Fair Trade Certified yerba mate “is dried with warm air instead of smoke for a clean, smooth taste.” It boasts all the same benefits as The Mate Factor (above), according to its manufacturer, and also “elevates mood” and “aids elimination.”Eco Teas Organic Yerba Mate Unsmoked Loose Tea | Vitacost.com/blog

Wisdom Natural Yerba Mate Royale® Tea

Made with the finest wild-crafted herbs and Sweetened with Stevia, this must-try yerba mate “provides 196 active compounds, including vitamins, minerals and more antioxidants than green tea.” Drink it daily as “a nutritious source of energy, mental alertness and good health.”

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Eco Teas Holy Mate Calm Energy Tea Bags

Turn to this organic yerba mate for “a balanced supply of stress-free energy.” It may also be used to raise the metabolism, cleanse and rejuvenate and stimulate the mind, body and spirit, according to the manufacturer. Plus, you’ll love the appetizing addition of tulsi and peppermint!
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Numi Rainforest Lemon Green™ Tea Mate

This delicious yerba mate is infused with Lemon Myrtle from the Australian rainforest and Chun Mee green tea from China for a tempting taste that stirs the senses. Did we mention that this “ceremonial drink of friendship, hospitality, strength and courage” is organic and kosher?
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Nature’s Answer Mixed Berry Green Tea Energy with Yerba Mate

Take your energy to the next level with this bright, berry-flavored blend of green tea and yerba mate! It contains no artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors and does not require refrigeration. Tip: For a moderate energy boost, just drink half the container!
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Garden of Life Organic Smooth Energy Plant Protein

Craving a smoothie with a side of energy? This flavorful formula combines 15 grams of complete plant-based protein with yerba mate and vitamin B12 and contains “live probiotics and enzymes.” Plus, it’s free of dairy, gluten, soy and wheat!

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ProBar Bolt Gluten-Free Raspberry Organic Energy Chews

These tasty superfruit chews with yerba mate are “packed to power you from morning workouts to race days”—and they contain beneficial antioxidants, B vitamins, complex carbs and electrolytes. A serving of five chews can provide fast fuel when you need it!

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