What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day

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by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

When you ask your wife/mother/partner/Bombshell what she wants for Mother’s Day, there’s a 9 to 1 chance that she says, “Oh, I’m happy just knowing you and the kids are safe, happy, and healthy.”

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It’s a lie. A low-down, dirty trick.

Now hear me out. We really are grateful for our fortunate lot in life. Seeing our children thrive is amazing. Watching our family grow is a tear-filled abundance of bliss. We mean it when we say that’s all we want in life. But what we really want is gifts, and flowers, and balloons, and someone ELSE to cook breakfast. And if you fail to realize this, you will be in the proverbial “dog house” for untold time.

The pejorative reference to her own needs doesn’t mean you get a free pass. It is imperative you show your appreciation and gratitude for everything she does for everyone around her. Women, especially mothers, instinctively put themselves last on the list when it comes to wants and needs. It doesn’t mean we don’t have any. Mother’s Day is the one day every year where you must, and I mean this in the most absolute terms, put her first on your list.

Think about what she likes and let that inspire your gift giving, but don’t make a rookie move like buying her a vacuum because she spends so much time cleaning or a scale because she mentioned she wants to lose weight. I know it sounds practical and nice, just.don’t.

Is she a gym junkie? Grab her a new set of Valeo Women’s Crosstrainer Gloves, a BlenderBottle and her favorite flavor protein shake mix (like my favorite, Vitacost Soy Protein in chocolate).  She’ll know you support her fervor for fitness, which will totally earn you brownie points.

Maybe beauty products are her thing. Vitacost has a large variety of beauty and skincare sets available. Pair the  Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes Kit,  which includes foot cream, hand cream, cuticle cream, lip balm and more, with the CSI 4 Step Skin Care System and a gift certificate for a mani/pedi at a local salon. In the card (you got her a card, right? RIGHT?) let her know that you wanted her to feel pampered and special because of all she does for you.

And if you’re completely stumped as to what would show her your undying love, devotion and utter amazement at all that she does, hire a sitter, make reservations at a half way decent restaurant and tell her exactly how much she rocks over a nice glass of chardonnay.