When Troubles Linger, Go Ginger


by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

If you’re the kind of person who can remain detached and amused while tempers around you flare, you’ve got to love family gatherings. That’s when politics are debated during the soup course and before dessert is served, your sister mentions at least twice that you were always the favored child. Now me, I’m not the type to remain detached about anything. Whether I’m stressed, worried, angry or sad, my stomach holds me hostage. I’m prepared for the next big get-together, though—I caught a tip on my favorite health TV show about the tummy-taming properties of ginger tea.

Ginger Tea for Holiday Stress

I know the market is exploding with over-the-counter solutions for stomach upset, and I also believe 100% in the value of a high-quality probiotic. But people always tend to overlook the value of time-tested herbs like ginger. Ginger is so safe and gentle that pregnant women have been taking it to battle morning sickness for ages. So why not turn try this natural remedy the next time your stomach acts up?

(If tea isn’t your thing, Gin-Gins candy are a yummy choice. Every gentle nibble produces a calming effect. You can also drop a few Gin-Gins into a cup of hot water for instant ginger tea.)

In addition to the ginger remedy, I’ve got a few other coping techniques for getting through stressful events:

  1. I envision a sort of “shield” around myself and my loved ones (aka, the ones who don’t upset my stomach, like my fiancé!) It might sound a little new-agey but it works. If any hostility gets hurled our way, I envision the shield protecting us from its powers.
  2. When people misbehave, I focus on why and not what does that say about me? Because most of the time, when I really think about it, I have absolutely nothing to do with why someone has decided to act toxic! This also makes me feel a lot more sympathy for someone who I’d otherwise just see as an annoyance!
  3. I eat well and exercise as much as I possibly can during emotionally intense times of year! Partly because gaining weight is not fun; partly because eating “clean” prevents me from refined-sugar mood dips and a good cardio session is the best therapy ever.

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