Why Gloves Are a Girl’s Best Friend

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

It doesn’t matter if you’re bench-pressing 240 lbs. or curling a couple five-pounders. The gym is full of metal, and your hands are all over it. Though men might think it’s an amateur move, wearing gloves in the weight room is not only healthy for your hands but can also prevent a very preventable injury.  

Why Wear Gloves for Fitness?

I know, ladies. We’ve earned the right to show off our guns by wearing tank tops and strutting our tight tushes in spandex shorts. So why would we cover up our well-manicured hands? Other than the fact that they provide cushion and comfort, I have two very good reasons:

1. Calluses — Ladies don’t aspire to have man hands. Unfortunately, lifting textured, metal objects can — and will — create rough, callused hands. Help prevent these unsightly skin hangups by wearing a pair of supportive  gloves. Already have rough spots?Click here  for my tips on how to treat and rejuvenate your hands.

2. Broken toes —  I know you’re asking yourself, “What do gloves have to do with my toes?” Let’s say you’re working hard (I know you are!) and sweating like crazy. You’re in the middle of squatting with dumbbells in hand. But then your hands slip, you lose your grip and where are those weights headed? Straight for your little piggies. Ouch! My point is this: don’t risk losing your grip, your form or your pinky toe. Wear gloves to give you a more secure grip while strength training.

Trainer tip: How to choose the right pair

Yes, gloves need to be comfortable, but the worst thing you could do is buy a pair that’s too loose. I suggest splurging on a big name brand with a Velcro tab to make it easy to adjust the fit and quickly get the gloves on and off. My top pick is Valeo Mesh Back Lifting Gloves, which come in small, medium and large sizes.