Staticy Hair? These 9 Tips Will Tame the Winter Frizz

by | Updated: January 6th, 2022 | Read time: 4 minutes

For many of us, winter means cuddling up in cozy, heated homes. As lovely as it is to escape the cold weather, the dry air pumping through your house creates the perfect storm for static electricity to develop and settle into a head of hair. While static doesn’t harm your hair directly, it can lead to dry, brittle hair that is prone to breakage. Say goodbye to “staticy” hair! Tame the frizz and protect your hair with these tips.

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Why is My Hair Staticy?

Static electricity is an imbalance of electrical charges (too many positive or negative charges) on the surface of a material. It develops when the conditions are just right.

The two major causes of hair static are friction and weather – especially dry, cold climates. Cold air can’t hold as much moisture as warm air, which makes the electrical imbalance happen more easily.

What happens to hair when it gets staticy?

When hair acquires static, the electrical charge causes hair strands to repel each other, resulting in that hair-raising look. This static causes a drying effect and makes combing hair more difficult and more likely to break. Add in the drying effects winter brings and it’s a recipe for damaged hair.

Tips to prevent and eliminate staticy hair

There are a number of options to eliminate the damaging effects of static electricity and prevent it from returning.

Avoid wearing hats or scarves on your hair

Limit static caused by friction by avoiding hats and scarves. However, if hats and scarves are a must-have in your climate, look for hats with higher-quality linings like silk, satin, cotton or wool. These linings are gentler on your lovely locks.

Hydrate with a deep-conditioning hair oil

Increase the frequency of applying an ultra-moisturizing hair mask to not only smooth out those locks and reverse static but to help protect each hair strand with a deep-conditioning barrier. While you’re at it, hydrate from the inside out with at least 8 8-ounce cups of water each day!

Dry with a silk towel

After you shower, instead of scrubbing your hair dry with a rough towel, gently wrap your hair in a silk towel to help lock in moisture even as your hair is drying. Silk is great for reducing friction and doesn’t leach out natural hair oils.

Switch to an ionic hairdryer

Some people swear by ionic hair dryers because they dry hair faster and more evenly disperse electrical charges. Since the water in your hair is positively charged and the ionic dryer shoots negatively charged particles, your hair remains electrically balanced and static-free.

Use a leave-in conditioner

Follow the ABCs of hair health – Always Be Conditioning! It’s good practice to apply a leave-in conditioner after a shower (and throughout the day if the product warrants it) to help seal in moisture and keep your hair hydrated – and anti-static – all day long.

Mist with a frizz-fighting spritzer

For instant hydration and smoothing power wherever you go, carry a hydrating, anti-static hair mist and spritz when you need it. Be sure to only do this indoors, when you know you won’t be venturing outdoors until your hair is completely dry, so you can avoid water freezing hair damage in colder climates.

Humidify your home

To increase the moisture level in your hair while you’re at home, consider investing in a humidifier for your home. Not only will this help fight static, but it will also be great for your skin and sinuses – keeping your whole body healthier!

Spritz hairspray onto a comb and gently comb through

Tame flyaways and frizz with a combination of hairspray and a metal comb, which will conduct electricity. By spraying hairspray on your comb before brushing, you can remove electrical particles from your hair and trap them on your comb. Avoid using a plastic comb as they don’t conduct electricity and can therefore increase static.

Rub a dryer sheet on your hair

If you’re needing to attack that static as a last-ditch effort before a party, carefully smooth your hair in one direction with a dryer sheet. Dryer sheets are designed to eliminate static cling in clothing, so the effect is similar on your hair.

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