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by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

Maintaining your health when you’re a woman isn’t exactly easy. On top of everyday worries, there’s a laundry-list of routine checkups to keep up with. Add to that hormonal phases. And like a cherry on top, there are those fine lines, wrinkles and age spots it’s nearly impossible not to worry about.

Healthy and happy women

Luckily, there are many healthy habits you can adopt to help you age gracefully. Even though it’s a woman’s nature to put others first, it’s never too late or too early to start taking better care of Y-O-U.  

In your 20s: These are the real golden years, when you’re coasting through college and exploring the world beyond your parents’ four walls. Unfortunately, the all-night study sessions and celebratory happy hours take a toll on your health.

Age with grace:
If you make only one healthy change at this stage of the game, get in the habit of taking a daily whole food multivitamin. It’s the easiest thing you could possibly do for your health. A good multi will fill in the nutritional holes midnight fast-food binges miss. Speaking of which, it wouldn’t hurt to find a multi-strain probiotic to support healthy digestion.

In your 30s: Hitting the big 3-0 is not the end all, be all. But it does mean you need to take your health more seriously. You’re likely settling down, maybe thinking about starting a family.

Age with grace:
Prepare your body for baby by exercising regularly to maintain a healthy weight and feeding your body wholesome foods. Diindolylmethane (DIM) is a vegetable compound known to support healthy cervical tissue, metabolism and estrogen levels.* If keeping up with the work-family balance has you feeling overwhelmed, over-stretched and just over it all, a stress support supplement can help bring you back down to Earth. Vitacost Targeted Wellness Stress Support-is formulated with GABA, ashwaghanda and rhodiola to help promote a sense of calm.* When all else fails, eat a nutrient-dense dessert (because “desserts” is just “stressed” spelled backward).

In your 40s and 50s: Over the hill? Please. All that means is you’ve conquered some of life’s hardest obstacles, like landing your first job, finding true love, buying a house, having kids–phew, I’m tired just thinking about it. Now all you have to handle is menopause–piece of cake in comparison.

Age with grace:
I’m serious when I say you can get through this with a little help from herbs and oils. That’s why we’ve combined the most regarded menopause support nutrients into one formula. Vitacost PhytoEstrogen Ultra includes evening primrose oil, black cohosh, organic flaxseed oil and non-GMO soy bean extract. In case you haven’t already loaded your bathroom with anti-aging potions, you may find solace in multipurpose Moroccan argan oil. It’s naturally rich in vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids to support supple skin and help soften dry, damaged hair. Don’t forget to upgrade your daily multi to a targeted formula, like Garden of Life KIND Organics Women’s Multi 40+.

In your 60s and beyond: Do you feel like you’ve lost everything from your glasses to your giddy-up? I want to tell you there’s a magic pill or–even better –a time machine to take us back to our twenties. The good news is you’re not going at this alone (men feel the same way) and it’s entirely possible to get your groove back.

Age with grace:
Passion-boosting foods and supplements to the rescue. Not that women need another reason to eat chocolate, but it’s an appetizing aphrodisiac along with  almonds and goji berries. And when libido isn’t the only thing lacking, try a comprehensive supplement that can also bring more mental clarity and overall mood support.* Because flexibility and balance wane over time, keep a leg up on your exercise routine. Strength-building yoga is easy on the joints and can help you feel more centered.

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