10 Smart Ways to Save Money on Beauty Supplies

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by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

Looking good feels great. But spending a hefty chunk of your paycheck on anti-aging creams, undereye concealers and hair de-frizzers can leave you downright miserable. Luckily, beauty doesn’t have to come at a high price! Get what you need to create a head-turning look without breaking the bank when you follow these clever tips for cutting costs on cosmetics and skincare supplies.

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  1. Stop procrastinating. Waiting until you’re down to the last drop of foundation means rushing to the store and paying top price for a replacement bottle. Instead, take notice when you’re running low and buy new products when they’re on sale.
  2. Be a discount diva. Speaking of sales, watch for them! Sign up for newsletters, browse beauty blogs, pick up a Sunday newspaper. The more you know, the more you save. Even high-end cosmetics companies offer discounts (and free gifts!) regularly. Ask a sales associate how you can stay in the know with promotions.
  3. Stock up on samples. Good things come in small packages! And often, they’re free. Many manufacturers happily hand over trial sizes, hoping you’ll become hooked and buy the bigger bottle. If you don’t find a sample or two in your bag, ask for them at the makeup counter.
  4. Keep the samples coming. One of the hottest trends in beauty right now is the sample “subscription.” For just a few dollars a month, you get a box packed with beauty products””from skincare and hair treatments to sunscreen and shaving supplies””delivered to your door.
  5. Make time for maintenance. Taking care of your tools can save you money in the long run. Last week I taught you how to properly clean your brushes. Make this practice””and others, such as storing bottles and containers correctly””a habit, and you won’t have to break down and buy new ones as often.
  6. Use dual-duty products. Why dole out double the money for a sunscreen and a moisturizer when you can buy one product containing both? Look for multi-tasking supplies such as tinted lip balm, powder foundations, anti-aging concealer and more.
  7. Be stingy. Sure, your eyes are barely open when you shower first thing in the morning. But do you really need that golf ball-sized dollop of shampoo you just squeezed into your palm? Pay attention to how much (of everything!) you use””less is often enough and will extend the life of your products.
  8. Buy in bulk. The price of a six-pack of soap or a gallon of body wash may seem high when compared to a single bar or bottle, but buying in bulk saves you money over time. Do this only with products you know and love””you don’t want to be stuck washing your hair with a new, apparently window cleaner-scented shampoo for weeks on end.
  9. Make smart and sensible choices. For many items, a store-brand or generic version is just as good as name brand. But you want to be careful with skincare supplies and cosmetics, as they’re absorbed by your skin and can affect health. For tools, such as sponges, clips, combs and the like, choose the most basic and inexpensive options to save money. Budget carefully so you can swing some higher-quality, organic products for your face, neck and body.
  10. Do it yourself. Love the smell of that peppermint scrub from the bath-and-body store? Don’t waste $10 on a small tub when you can have triple the amount and spend even less money. DIY beauty recipes are easy to find online. Stock up on basic supplies such as honey, almond oil, sea salt and brown sugar at Vitacost, and get crafty!