3 DIY Beauty Gifts You Can Make With Coconut Oil

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by | Updated: October 13th, 2020 | Read time: 2 minutes

Fellow coconut oil junkies, this one’s for you. Lug out that mega-sized jar and crank up the holiday tunes. With just a few simple ingredients and some basic crafty know-how, you can make lusciously moisturizing, tropically tantalizing, Pinterest-worthy gifts for all the beauty lovers on your list (and keep some for yourself, too!). Here are three of our favorite DIY coconut oil body beautifiers—which just happen to look fabulous in jars with bows smacked on top.

Coconut-Pink Grapefruit Bath Salts


Coconut & Pink Grapefruit Bath Salts

1 Tbsp. coconut oil
3 cups pink Himalayan crystal salts
15 drops pink grapefruit essential oil

  1. Pour salt into a large bowl.
  2. Pour in coconut oil and essential oil and stir well to combine.
  3. Store bath salts inan airtight jar.
  4. To use, add ½ to 1 cup of salts to running bath and let dissolve before enjoying your scented soak!

Ginger-Coconut Sugar Scrub

Ginger-Coconut Sugar Scrub

¼ cup coconut oil
¼ cup almond oil
¾ cup turbinado sugar
¼ cup kosher salt
10-20 drops ginger essential oil

  1. In a large bowl, mix together sugar and salt.
  2. Pour in coconut oil, almond oil and ginger essential oil and stir well.
  3. Transfer scrub to an airtight jar.
  4. To use, massage scrub into wet skin and let sit for several minutes. Wipe clean with a warm, soft washcloth and rinse skin thoroughly.
  5. Store scrub in a cool, dry cabinet.

Coconut-Lime Body Butter

Coconut-Lime Body Butter

1 cup coconut oil
1 tsp. jojoba oil
1 tsp. liquid vitamin E oil
6-8 drops pure lime essential oil

  1. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl.
  2. Use electric hand mixer to blend ingredients to a whipped consistency.
  3. Spoon body butter into an airtight jar (no refrigeration necessary!). Keeps for up to 24 months.