5 Gift Ideas for Fitness Fanatics

by | Updated: October 13th, 2020 | Read time: 2 minutes

If you’re into fitness, there’s nothing more fun than getting new gear for your workouts. This is the perfect time of year to spread your own enthusiasm for exercise to family and friends or to give a hint to potential gift-givers of items that may be lacking in your fitness stash. Think outside the shrink-wrapped basket! Here are some ideas for gifts – and creative ways to deliver them – for anyone on your list.

5 Clever Health & Fitness Gifts

1. Gym bag & gear

Wrap all the fitness essentials needed for a great workout and tuck them into a new gym bag. Workout pants, t-shirts or tank tops, a sports bra, yoga mat (along with yoga mat spray), athletic socks, headbands, lifting gloves, a weight-lifting belt and maybe a new pair of sneakers are just a few helpful things to include.

2. Lunchbox & healthy foods and supplements

Homemade meal prep is popular for athletes and exercise fans of all levels. Make it easier for your fitness friend to pack and transport meals for the day with a lunchbox featuring a variety of sections for meals, snacks and supplements. Add a few fun essentials like protein powder and bars, a shaker bottle, healthy snacks, vitamins and some fitness supplements.

3. New gym membership & training sessions

Giving a gym membership and a few personal training sessions to get started is a wonderful gift of health and a great way to help set someone on the right path for the new year. Gym memberships range from low cost ($10 a month) to high, so look for something that fits your budget and offers what you think will be best for your recipient. Getting started can be the toughest part of beginning a fitness routine, so taking care of this part for someone may be the greatest gift of all!

4. Post-workout skincare supplies

After the hard work is done, it’s time for some pampering. Pack a pretty, oversized makeup bag or tote with skin- and body-care supplies for your fitness friend to take along to the gym. Charcoal masks are great for deep-cleansing dirt and sweat from pores. Or include a pair of exfoliating gloves and soap bar, along with a moisturizing lotion to apply afterward. Towelettes and spray toner are always nice for instant refreshes, too.

5. Fitness tracker

A fitness tracker is an awesome gift for either newbies or enthusiasts. Not only does it give you a personalized goal each morning, it also urges movement throughout the day via a red bar that appears when you’ve been inactive.This gadget will help someone to set goals, track calories burned and steps taken, and it’ll even remind them to get moving! Many will also let you join in on group goals for a little friendly competition. It’s perfect for all ages, body types and fitness levels.